The Diagnostic Competition (DXC 11) will be the third of a series of international competitions to be hosted yearly at the International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX). The objectives of the competition are to accelerate research in theories, principles, and computational techniques for monitoring and diagnosis of complex systems, to encourage the development of software platforms that promise more rapid, accessible, and effective maturation of diagnostic technologies, and to provide a forum that can be utilized by algorithm developers to test and validate their technologies on real-world physical systems. The overall goal of this competition is to systematically evaluate diagnostic technologies and to produce comparable performance assessments for different diagnostic methods.

Competition Format

Participating diagnostic technologies will be run under same conditions using the same input. The competition consists of multiple tracks (with independent winners). For each track we will provide a number of standardized specifications of systems used, a library of modular and standardized test scenarios, a test protocol and associated software architecture, and evaluation criteria (i.e. metrics). These metrics will then be computed based on the diagnostic output to determine the final winner(s) in each track.

Participation Procedures

Those who wish to compete must register at the competition website and must make their tool available to competition organizers in an approved format. Note that participants will not be required to make the source code of their algorithms publicly available. However, competitors should be able to describe how their algorithms work for the benefit of the diagnosis community. Only a Windows or Linux executable file will be required from the participants. Both prerequisites must be met by the deadlines specified by the competition organizers. Registration and competition information will be posted on this website.

Upon request, participants may be given access to the evaluation code that will be used to calculate the performance of their Diagnostic Algorithm. If the DA is accepted for the competition, the participants will be notified accordingly. Winners of each track are expected to come to the conference and discuss their system in person. This will entail giving a short talk during the competition workshop and being available to demonstrate the system and answer questions during the demonstration session. Additionally, all participants will be given an opportunity to submit an optional paper describing their DA and its use. These papers will be subject to review by the DXC organizers and will be published as part of the conference proceedings in a special session. The organizing committee reserves the right to modify the rules of participation and disqualify any participants at its discretion.