Mike Wisian and I played in a hard rock band with Mike's older brother, Jim, ever since high school.  We decided to try something different, so we put together a group with two talented guitarists named Richard Horn and Dave Miley.  The group did not last long, but allowed us to change from the  Zeppelin, Nugent and Aerosmith rock style we had been playing for the last 6 years into a more modern style of The Cars, Robert Palmer and Cheap Trick.  Mike was able to drum and lead sing again, a role he filled when I first joined the Brothers Wisian.  After a few gigs we dissolved and Mike and I rejoined Jim in the Mike-O-Waves.     



Sorry no other photo of Those Vandals available.

Richard Horn Guitar - Denzil Warner Bass


Its been a fun
ride so far!



Crime Against The World

She Loves To Rock

Green Eyed Lady
Band Members
Richard Horn -Guitar
Dave Miley - Guitar
Denzil Warner - Bass
Mike Wisian -
Drums & Vocals