What can I say, these guys are my brothers.  Jim on guitar and keys, Mike on vocals and drums, and Bob on the drums.  These guys know how to rock and I've spent untold hours just jamming afternoons away, drinking in the bar, playing foosball and videos with these friends.  I first met Jim and Mike around 1974-75 in Muleshoe Texas.  They had the best game in town with their own rehearsal house in the country.  Mike sang from behind the drums.  (Played a kit that was once rumored to be Elvis'  drummer).  Our first jams were Walk Away, All Right Now, Are You Ready, Into The Sun, and Nights in White Satin. Later Jim went to Texas Tech in Lubbock and met Bob, convinced me to move back to Texas, and Mike moved to Lubbock to complete the package.  We played the music of our heroes, Aerosmith, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Ted Nugent, Grand Funk, Deep Purple and The Rolling Stones.  We were lucky enough to play some big shows in front of Head East at Ector Coliseum, Joe King Carrasco, Point Blank, Billy Burnette, Van Wilks, and The (American) Beat to name a few. I love these guys and they will always be part of me.  We try to get together once a year around Halloween to re-live our rock & roll fantasies.  It's always a party, hope to see you there! 

Rox - Lubbock Texas


Its been a fun
ride so far!



Hot Rock

Give Me The Power

Band Members
Mike Wisian - Vocals
Jim Wisian - Guitar
Denzil Warner - Bass
Bob McDowell - Drums