Wow, this one is a blur.  My friend Mike was on the road with a top 40 rock band.  Also in the same band was John, who I had jammed with at the Rox in Lubbock.  Both of these guys were kick-ass musicians.  Mike asked me to join the band and I did not want to miss a chance in the music business.  I flew to the Texas Gulf Coast and did a quick audition for the other band members and was hired that afternoon.  I went to work around two weeks later and played with the band for about a year.  Mary-Lynn and her husband Richard managed the group and did a fine job.  We were highly regarded on the Charlie Hatchet circuit and always stayed in the nicest condos and hotels up and down the Gulf Coast.  The group grew tired of the road and decided to disband and go their own ways.  The other members had been on the road years before I joined the band, and were ready for a change.  I'm thankful I played with these guys, each one a better musician than myself, and it was a pleasure to experience their friendship.  I didn't get any photos, but there are some audio recordings below right. 

Rock and Roll Band



Its been a fun
ride so far!



Baby le Strange

I've Got A Line On You

It's Not A Wonder
Band Members
Mary-Lynn - Vox, Keys
Mike - Guitar
Rick - Vox, Guitar
John - Drums
Denzil - Bass
Richard - Sound
Other Members:
Kevin Mackey - Drums
Billy Holcolmb - Guitar
Dave Miley - Guitar
Spud - Bass
Frank - Bass