Dale was the captain and called New Orleans home.  He recruited Kevin from Dayton, Ohio and John from Roswell, New Mexico.  Greg and I were from Lubbock, Texas.  Together with our sound engineer Jimmy "the mobile wall" we traveled to various clubs and lounges in Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Montana, Arizona, California, Missouri and Wyoming.  We put on a good show and played 80's Top 40 as good as the next lounge band.  The Taxi was short-lived and ended when Kevin and John left the group for other opportunities.  The group picked up new musicians, but lost the chemistry and camaraderie.  The original Taxi had fun in every city and clubs repeatedly booked us back for longer stays and better pay.  Greg lives near Austin and plays smooth jazz with the "Jon Barry Project."  Kevin lives in Arizona and recently played with "All Good People" from San Francisco.  I think we lost Jimmy, but want to say he was one of the nicest souls I've ever known.  The Taxi came to an abrupt end, never to reunite and bring back the sounds of A-Ha, George Michael, Tears For Fear, and Duran Duran.



Go to this link for a replica of the Taxi's setlist:

Cadillac Taxi YouTube Playlist


Some Lounge - Ogden Utah


Its been a fun
ride so far!

Band Members
Dale - Vocals, Guitar
Kevin - Vocals, Keys
Denzil - Bass
John - Drums
Greg - Sax, Keys
Jimmy - Sound Engineer

"The Mobile Wall"

Jimmy Depalma - RIP