D-Wolf Clutch Kit

The D-Wolf kit reduces clutch pedal travel by eliminating the wasted movement between the floor and the beginning of engagement!

D-Wolf clutch kits are available for all Subaru Imprezas, WRX and STi, Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35!

D-Wolf Clutch Kit


What is it?  

It’s a clutch position adjustment kit for all Imprezas from 1995 thru present,  ’02 through ’08 Subaru WRX and ’04 through ’08 Subaru STi  models with manual transmission.  The D-Wolf Clutch kit eliminates the unused travel area between the floor and the engagement point.  The result is a clutch that engages almost as soon as you begin letting it out.


What does it do?

Faster and smoother shifts- By engaging very close to the floor, faster and smoother shifts can be easily achieved and your car will feel infinitely more comfortable to drive.  The D-wolf kit eliminates approximately 1” of useless clutch pedal travel (at the floor).  There is no effect on the cruise control or any other vehicle function.  The D-Wolf kit does not affect the life of the clutch, or the existing characteristics of the clutch.


How do you install it?

The D-Wolf Clutch kit is easy to install.  A Phillips head screwdriver and a 14mm open-end wrench are the only tools required.  Installation takes about 10 minutes.


What does it cost?

The D-Wolf Clutch Kit retails for only $55.00 each. 

Shipping and handling in the US is $3.00


How do you get a D-Wolf Clutch kit?

E-mail D-Wolf Clutch Kit with a request to purchase & your e-mail address, or simply PAYPAL a payment to D-Wolf Clutch Kit.  

The kit will be shipped within 2 days of receipt of payment.