Why A DWI Is So Expensive For You

There are many reasons why you will find DWI to be very expensive for you even when you are a first time offender. There are many DWI expenses that come with the penalties and fines. These are meant to discourage DWI completely. It is possible for a first time DWI offense to cost you over $10,000. This is way much more that you can pay for a taxi ride home after your drinking spree. If there is damage to property then the costs can soar even way above $20000. Here are some of the reasons why DWI can be so expensive in the long run.

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The attorney costs on a DWI will depend on different factors. The charges will mostly be over $5000 for the attorney fees. This may be a big price to pay considering that you may have been able to avoid DWI altogether. It is important to note however that attorney fees are amongst the most important fees for your DWI case. Your attorney will be able to help you get lesser fines and penalties which can save you much more money ultimately.


The fines imposed on the first time drunk driving offender in Houston Texas range from $2000 t0 $4000. The $4000 is the maximum amount for the first time offender. Fines depend on the levels of alcohol in your system among other things around your case.

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These are the charges that are imposed on you every year to maintain your license. The surcharges are imposed for three years and range from $1000 to $2000 every year.  That means that you can pay up to $6000 for the three years.

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Higher insurance premiums

As if paying fines and surcharges is not enough, you are faced with higher insurance premiums. This can be really punitive because you cannot drive your car without insurance and you have to keep it updated monthly or yearly for as long as you have a car. This can accumulate to a lot of money in the long run. Was that drink worth all these expenses?

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Towing and impound costs

After you have been arrested then your car has to be towed from the site because you will not be allowed to drive again. The charges for towing your vehicle will be put on you. Then the car will be taken to an impound, where you will also pay for everyday the car is at the impound.

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Ignition interlock devices

You might also be asked to install ignition interlock devices in your car that will stop your car from starting when you are under the influence of alcohol. Such devices may cost up to $1,500.

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All these expenses and many more account for the expenses in your DWI case so it is important that you avoid it entirely.

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