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 von ryan quijano <vonryanquijano@...> 12/9/07 wrote:

  When Singapore in the 40's was still part of the Third World do you know what Lee Kwan Yew, their prime minister, was doing during his lunch break?  He was eating his sandwhich by the schoolyard watching the kids playing about and he was weeping.  He was weeping and worrying how he will give these kids jobs when they grow up.  He was weeping like a father to his country.  I wonder how many of our leaders are weeping and watching our future marching to a certain extinction.
  I do not know what to do?  What can we do?  I am not talking about charity.  That is the worst we can give our countrymen right now.  I challenge everyone to put together a list of things 5 to be exact of things we can do to lift the hearts of our countrymen.  5 things that we can do to give them pride.
  Here are 5 in that I can think of right now.
  1) Start an online mentorship.  Lets start a website where we can mentor a kid back from our hometown.  We can inspire these kids, help them with their homework, start community projects with them as our proxy in the country.  Teach them pride.  Teach them about integrity.  Teach them about self reliance.  Teach them to reach for the star.  Teach them that they do not need to leave the country to make something out of themselves.  Lets burn them with the fire of inspiration.  Lets start mentoring the future leaders of our country.  Lets teach them to fight against all odds.
  2) Adopt an Athlete.  Organize our Filipino community here in the United States.  Organize them to support the next wave of Filipino Athletes that will represent the Philippines in the next Olympic.  Lets show the world that we can reach for the gold. Lets provide them the best training we can afford for these Athletes.   Think about the pride we all had when Manny Paqciao won that boxing match.  Imagine if we can have that 10 or 100 of Manny Pacquiaos in the Olympic.  We need pride more than anything at this point.  With a new found pride in every Filipino hearts, I believe we can conquer anything.

  3) IT professional network.  Lets start a network of IT professional from all over the world.  Lets start having a think tank of professionals that will propell the Philippines as the next Silicon Valley.  We need to beat India and China to it.  I think we have a chance but it should start with a dream.
  4) Filipino Pride Liberation Front.  Create a pyramid recruitment scheme of young Filipinos from all over the world.  Its main goal is to organize large group of young people and promote Filipino Pride Awareness in a fun and guerilla way.  Recruitment and membership will be anonymous and secret like the Katipunan.  Each members will be given assignments in secret and he or she will not know the extent of the assignment until all the members do its part.  An assignement could include the following a) a hundred kids streaking in the superbowl with nothing on but the Philippine flag.  b) thousands of Philipine flags in the audience during a visit of another's country's president in the White house. c) Mass suicide of garden gnomes wearing the philippine colors in the Golden Gate Bridge or the London Bridge or all the famous bridges in the world.  d) Katipunero wearing kids running the bulls(spray painted during the run) in Pampolona.  This will teach that the individual matters and if
organized, we can accomplish great things.(An idea during my anarchist phase hehe)
  5) Start a Filipino Achivement Club.  Each member will plan, carryout, and achieve something great at  work, in the community, in sports, or any human endevour every two months.  Then it will be published and archived for prosperity.  It forces each member to get out of the couch and do something out of his life.
  I can't wait to read your ideas.....