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Pandan Island 


Apo Reef

 Apo Reef was declared as a protected area through Presidential Proclamation No. 868 dated September 6, 1996. It has three islands : Apo Island, Apo Menor and Cayos del Bajo with white sandy beaches ideal for recreation and sporting vacation.

With an area of 15, 792 hectares, Apo Reef is one of the largest coral atoll in the Philippines with a wide variety of habitat types

The reef waters abound with 385 species of marine fishes including families of sharks, sting rays, mantas, school of jacks and snappers and 500 species of corals which include soft corals and branching type of hard corals. Moreover, the presence of shipwrecks in the area makes this dive site popular among diving enthusiasts. 

Special Interest:

Mt. Iglit-Baco Nat'l Park

Mt. Iglit is one of Mindoro’s reservation areas, declared as a game sanctuary for Tamaraws, wild animals found nowhere else in the world. The tamaraw bears a close resemblance to the Philippine water buffalo, commonly known as carabao.

Mt. Halcon 

The third highest mountain in the Philippines, is famous among hikers and mountaineers.

Tamaraw Reservation


Field Trip Memories:



This 3000-hectare island has underwater caves, fine white beaches, cliffs and abundant coral formations.

The island of Ambulong is one of the three islands in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. The beach is carpeted with fine white sand that the barefooted tourist can enjoy. Divers also frequent the Ambulong Island because it is considered the jump-off point of several diving sites such as theIling Point, the Baniaga Reef, the Ambulong Bank, the Dungan Reef, the Sadines Reef, the Manadi Island, and the world-famous Apo Reef. 


Busay Falls

Linaw Baboy


Inside the cave are several compartments with the size of small cargo containers. Found to contain guano deposits and water pools, the cave is believed to extend to the adjacent province of Oriental Mindoro.



White Island

An almost mile-long beach with smooth and powdery white sand. A ideal place for swimming, scuba diving and fishing. This white sand beach can also be found in San Jose and can be reached by a 15-minute pump boat ride. The whole island is wrapped in serenity and it is the perfect place for tourist who longed for a real get-away. One can also do scuba diving and fishing. But one must be careful while walking along the beach line because there are delicate turtle eggs buried in the sand. These turtle eggs must not be disturbed. 

 Native Mindoro:

The Tamaraw

 The Mangyans


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