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newest participants from:

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Vienna, Austria


From the USA:

- California: Los Angeles,San Diego, Poway,  Hercules, San Jose, Salinas, Mountain View, Fremont, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Riverside, Sacramento,  Huntington Beach, Lake Elsinore, Granada Hills, Westminster, Oxnard, Colton

- Oregon: Eugene

- Florida: Debary, Coco Beach

- Illinois: Chicago 

- Maryland:Bel Air, Silver Spring  Rockville        

- Massachusetts: Cambridge       

- Nebraska: Nebraska City

- New Mexico: Albuquerque

- Washington: Tacoma, Marysville

- Texas: Dallas, Houston, Plano

- New York :New York, Binghampton

- New Jersey: Randolph

-Virginia: Hendon

Washington DC

-Michigan: Detroit, Harper Woods

- Arizona: Phoenix

- Nevada: Las Vegas


Alumni worldwide participating from:

Afganistan - Kabul


Australia:  Sydney, Canberra,   Brisbane

Canada - Surrey, Vancouver - BC

 -Ontario: Toronto, Windsor, Barrie, Ottawa, Missisuaga 

 -Calgary, Edmonton


  -Rogers Cable

England: Birmingham, London

 - Nottingham, Bedford, Guilford

France -  Grenoble

Germany:  Berlin

Hongkong and Macau

India:  Videsh

Ireland: Imagine Telco

Japan - JAICA Network

Netherlands: Amsterdam

Oman: Muscat

Saudi Arabia: Jeddah, Dahran



Spain: Valencia

Switzerland:Zurich, Lugan, Zug 

Taiwan: Taipei

Thailand: Bangkok

UAE: Dubai



From the Philippines:

Makati, Quezon City, Baguio

- Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, Cainta,  - Paranaque

- Legaspi, Albay, Antipolo, Cebu

- Bacolod, Iloilo City

-San Jose, Occ Mindoro

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- Digitel; Ipg; Bnkc, Bayantel

- PLDT; Globe; Slug

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dwcsjom/ - dwcsjom alumni web board

http://adoptachildtoday.blogspot.com/  - pilot elem school aid prgm

Note: mga UK based .... 2k PHP per pupil per year - round 20pounds; sa mga taga US- 45USD per year...  baka interested kayong mag-adopt ng students

 List of Graduates of Saint Joseph School -SJS alumni list

List of Batch 73 and 77 - Batch 73/77

www.geocities.com/dwcsjsbatch76/ - Batch 76

http://dwchs86.blogspot.com/ - Batch 86

www.facebook.com -personal pages of your friends

http://www.youtube.com/ - personal video pages of your friends

Philippine Daily Inquirer - phil news

Malaya - phil news

GMA News TV - phil news LIVE: Corona Impeachment Trial!

http://www.gov.ph/home.asp - Phil Government Main

http://www.pcij.org/ - Phil Center for Investigative Journalism

http://manila.usembassy.gov - US Embassy

Alumni inquiring minds want to know, so pls send your announcements, articles and pictures (links above):


2. NEW DEVTs and PROJECTS affecting Occ. Mindoro:

3. NEW EVENTS in Occ Mindoro:  

4. And of course, any event affecting alumni around the country and abroad!

5. contributions of articles and literary pieces are  welcome

6. we will also have web pages for pictures- see more pictures link

7. a page will be constructed for sightseeing and tourist destinations; pls send pictures and brief descriptions and other info (rates/directions)

8. businesses/gov't agencies/public are welcome to show their products and services in a page to be developed for them (donation to the book club will be appreciated)

9. we can also have items for Barangay events, like fiesta, basketball tournaments, nanalong mga miss barangay, etc...so your ka-barangay from far away will know what is going on

10. any accomplishments by sons and daughters or the alumni themselves can also be published here..graduation honors...awards...

we welcome suggestions of what else you want to see here...

email information and pictures to dwcsjom@gmail.com


Current Alumni Project: 

BookNook/Library Project

our alumni public library volunteers below:

Fr President Ernie Vitor blessing our public library/booknook


 external finishing in progress (more pictures on link)



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