Rings of Valor

Rings of Valor is a realtime 3vs3 team deathmatch arena roguelike-like, inspired by World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and Bloodline Champions. You play with two AI-controlled team members against fully AI-controlled teams, the obvious goal being to defeat the opposing team before your own team is defeated or the timer runs out.

Drakefire Chasm

Drakefire Chasm is a Seven Day Roguelike made in the 7DRL Challenge 2012, and updated later on with a few new features. You play as a freshly born wyrmling, trying to survive and prosper in the old home of dragons. Eat lesser beings, hoard riches, defeat your foes, and finally become a Great Wyrm, the most terrifying and noblest of creatures.

Downloads (Windows):

* Drakefire Chasm v1.0 -- The 7DRL Challenge Release
* Drakefire Chasm v1.2.1 -- All new and improved. Now with two new dragon colors to play.