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Dwayne Abuel

Business in developing curriculum and themed robotics which includes training since 2008. 

Karen Moriyama, Former Principal Kanoelani Elementary and former Leeward District Superintendent
"Dwayne has had a keen interest and is skillful in the use of technology.  While teaching special education students for the two years he was there, he was called on constantly to support the school's technology infrastructure and troubleshoot the computer hardware.  He did this during his non-instructional time, often giving his own time late after school to assist ...  I would strongly recommend Dwayne ...October 23, 2003

Current job:  Technology Coordinator/Teacher
Job location:  Highlands Intermediate School

Focus:  Be proactive in planning well for all projects; learn and develop the ability to use all necessary and applicable tools (weaknesses n strengths); develop solutions to solve problems; ensure that all parties involved are accountable and responsible in the proper use of technological equipment; understand, follow and implement policies, rules and laws that apply in the use of such equipment; and strive to make learning fun and enjoyable for students to learn.

Make a positive impact in all areas of of work that I do.  To use whatever talents and skills I've learner throughout the years to be able to make contributions in the learning process of technology or areas of responsibilities.  In this way I am able to protect n back up my superiors and the people I work with.

Volunteer work:  Formally Robofest Hawaii Project Director 2008 to 2011
Currently:  Robofest Hawaii Chief Advisor

Why choose me?:  I am a teacher at heart and have dedicated myself to public service.  This has given me the strength and courage to move forward and has given me the focus to do my job well.  This doesn't hold me back from trying the private sector.  Public and private, I will put out my best.  I may not be a perfect person, but I do own up and correct my mistakes.  I am loyal and dedicated to whom I serve.  I am a team player.  I believe in trust and that those who trust me deserve the same.  I believe in respect and also give respect to those who give it back.  Take care of me and I will take care of you as well.  I will always do my best and aim to be the best at what I do. 

One word to describe whom I want to be or am is:  Family

Interview on my view of LEGO Robotics by author Mark Gura:  Click here

Author Mark Gura's BLOG and eMagazine with interview on my view of LEGO Robotics: click here

Work:  Dwayne [under score] Abuel [at] notes [dot] k12 [dot] hi [dot] us
e*Mail: dabuel247 [at] gmail [dot] com
*c*ell*P*:  [eight zero eight] ABO [dash] ODAL

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Skills and Talents:
Other then work skills I enjoy the following:  music and song composition and writing; art sketching and drawing; working with Crazy Talk Animator; experience in desktop publishing; using PC and Mac computers; networking; knowledgeable in web 2.0 tools and its uses; able to use shop tools; finding specific solutions to computer problems; creating-building-imaging n restoring computers; and giving clarinet lessons.

Getting Started with LEGO Robotics by Mark Gura
Dwayne is one of twelve educators that contributed to this book.  "Gura concludes with more than a dozen interviews with educators, trainers, and even a student, so you can receive first-hand advice and recommendations. After reading this book you will be on your way to introducing your students to LEGO Robotics activities and competitions!" ISTE 2011

Robotics Engineer Hawaii by Dwayne Abuel
This site is a first level robotics site that has standards and GLO tie-in.  This site has been duplicated for the USS Missouri Memorial Robotics Program.  Since 2006

The Unofficial NXT STEM Vernier Educator's Digital Book by Dwayne Abuel
This is an online digital book that covers the step by step use of Vernier sensors and the NXT Robotics System.  This is all standards based.  This project was specifically created for the Stewards of the Island program under the science department under OCISS.  Since 2011

USS Missouri Robotics Navy by Dwayne Abuel partnered with isis Hawaii and the USS Missouri Memorial.  My role was to create and update a curriculum that will teach robotics that would allow students to explore STEM in a fun way that would lead to career building.  This would later encourage students to enter the Navy as a career.  This is robotics with a Navy theme that focuses on math.  Since 2008

Graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa 1995
BEd Mus - K12 Sec Music

Recertification in Special Education 1999

Aiea High School 1987

K12 Sec Music - certificated by HTSB
Recertification in Elementary Special Education - RISE
IC3 - IC3

Note worthy experiences:
2008 - 2011:  Program Director for ROBOFEST Hawaii
2004 - present:  Technology Coordinator and self proclaimed STEM adviser for Highlands Intermediate School
2012 - present:  ROBOFEST Chief Adviser


December 2012 - current

Programming simple games on Game Maker by yoyogames.  Now in plans to expand this into a curriculum that will work for clubs, classroom, and competition.

July 2005 - current

Highlands Intermediate School - Technology Coordinator
Completed CCNA course in June 2012.

Coordinate purchasing and maintaining computers, network, and other technologies on campus which includes helping Audio Visual person on campus; Helped bring in STEM programs, working in partnership with isis Hawaii, into school as well as help and assisted in getting web portals to start up and be used by students (My Access, Ren Learning, Super Star Learning, Room 21, My Dream Machine, Teen Biz 3000, HSA, Moodle, OSX blog, OSX wiki); Got training by Apple on how to build an OSX server going whether LDAP or simple local serves or giving access to file share; Build, image, and clone macbooks and PCs; Build, image, and clone iPads and iPods; Help enforce policies and laws in internet and computer use - this extends to other equipment use as well; Assist in troubleshooting a variety of portals and services such as eSiS, FMS, VAX, Meal Tracker, etc.; Build and maintain computers, mostly PCs, for use in office and around campus; Remotely do level one troubleshooting over Apple Remote Desktop; Keep track of all IP addresses and devices assigned to static IPs and also WiFi; Trained from DOS to Windows 7 also OS  7 to OSX 7.  Have been experimenting with Linux (different versions), Linux Puppy and Ed Ubuntu; Coordinated service between businesses/DOE branches and school dealing with technology; Lastly, responsible for forecast planning (3 to 5 year plan) to responsibly bring in technology for current and future use.

Server training I went through:

I am assisted by a Technology Curriculum Coordinator as our school has grown in the use of technological devices.  Our school ... AV equipment.  There is a school staff designated for the AV equipment, whom I assist.

Successfully completed Sheltered Instruction course to address ELL student needs.  My focus was on technology and ELL using SIOP techniques and approaches.

Won Technology Educator for Public Schools award in Nov. 2006.  This included a certificate of recognition from the Mayor and Gov. and Lt. Gov.

Won USA Honors Award, a certificate of recognition was given in 2007 for my accomplishments.

Was Project Inspire instructor in Computer Literacy; created the course and ran it under OCISS - Project Inspire for two years.

Trained FIRST LEGO League participants using a quick learning technique to get coaches and team leaders on their feet for two seasons.

Did presentations from robotics to wii remote whiteboard to IC3 to Room 21 to Moodle to Splashtop demonstrating for eSchool, Cyber Pizza Hawaii at UHM, AVCo event, and CTE event.  Example site,

Coordinated, ran training programs for participants and judges, created themes and guidelines/rules, helped to promote teams from schools island-wide, and helped to run the Robofest Hawaii regional event with Lynn Fujioka ... Director.  This includes doing events ... for 4 years.
Please refer to following site:

Worked with CAD and shop machines to create parts, contraptions, gaming tables, platforms, etc. for robotics (for events and other purposes) and Science Olympiad and ROV.  Used materials ranging from plastic to wood to metal.  Also played with carbon fiber. 

Worked with teams doing ROV/MATE event and also PERCH event.  Also constructed my own underwater robot focusing on AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle concept).

Did judging for Botball and Science Olymmpiad (been coordinator for many events with in HSSO).

Web 2.0 publishing of my own robotics help website providing users free lessons in the Mindstorms NXT System from start to projects.  and a more private one for Vernier users in the Stewards of the Island program run by the Science Department at OCISS

Mark Gura (brief info in him) contacted me after looking at my website and provided me an opportunity to contribute to a robotics book he wrote entitled:  "Getting Started with LEGO Robotics."

Worked together with Lynn Fujioka, President of isis Hawaii, and Dan Parsons, USS Missouri Memorial Educational Director, to create and initiate a math focused and naval themed Robotics Program ... Memorial.  This Memorial houses a one day workshop for interested students to learn engineering.  The program began in 2008 and I am currently helping them to improve and update the program.

Summer 2004 - 2007

Punahou Summer Schools - 4 Summers since 2004
Taught the following, Advanced WebMasters and Robolab.  In Advanced Web Masters I've taught HTML, HTML 2, HTML 3, simple Java, and Adobe Flash.  Later I taught Dream Weaver.  For Robolab the focus was on the Mindstorms RCX System and LEGO's mission lessons (for example, Aquabots)  also did a robotics Rube Goldberg and Sumobot.

September 2004 - June 2005

Highlands Intermediate School - General sports, Robotics, and Media
Taught basics in physical education and general sports focusing on gross and fine motor skills in ball play in a variety of games; Taught one course in robotics using the RCX Mindstorm system by LEGO doing an end of year event with a challenge set for parents vs. students building sumobots; Two courses in movie making.

Did two courses in movie making.  During this school year, 4 videos were submitted to the HMSA/SASSY Teen Video Awards.  The students' videos made it to the finals and one of the videos won 2nd place in Best in Class category for Middle School.

July 2000 - July 2004

Waianae Intermediate School - Band and Ukulele
Band director for beginning to advanced band; Built program from 20 students up to 70 students strong; Director for beginning ukulele; Used computer technology and software to help students in rhythm, tempo, pitch, and performance; Created a marching band for the first time since the early nineties; Taught students how to maintain and perform on their instruments; Coordinated and ran fundraiser to get funds to do a marching band and also help with concerts (monies paid for repairs, pay for maintenance and cleaning materials, and awards).

July 1998 - July 2000

Kanoelani Elementary School - Special Education
Special Education Resource teacher for upper grades 4 to 6; Handled emotionally impaired and mild mentally impaired students; Helped with school technology especially in the repair and maintenance aspect; Got RISE certified (Recertification In Special Education).  Passed Praxis for Elementary Special Education.

January 1998 - July 1998

Lehua Elementary School - Technology Coordinator
Technology Coordinator; Responsible for beginning computer courses (computer literacy through activities and software) for students ranging from k to 6; Cleaned teacher computers and did maintenance as well.

October 1997 - January 1998

Leeward District - Certified substitute
Note:  My reapplication form for rehire was lost by the DOE.

September 1996 - July 1997

Waimanalo Elementary/Intermediate School - Band and Chorus
Band director for beginning and advanced band; Built band from 25 to 60 students; created and directed a small choral group of students;  Responsible in running fundraisers, teaching songs as well as coordinating and conducting the band for concerts.

January 1996 - July 1996

Pearl City High School - Band and Learning Center
Band director for concert band and also directed one song for symphonic band; Taught along side and learned from Director of Bands Mr. Michail Nakasone and Mr. Thomas Kamisato; Did auditorium work from curtains to back stage to equipment; Ran the learning center coordinating shows such as Ethnic Day and Marching Band; Responsibilities in coordinating and chaparoning students during trips and also ran clarinet lessons for students who couldn't afford them, and helping to coordinate and conduct band concerts.

This was the year our concert band got a "Division 1" rating (highest rating) for our performance during the OBDA festival of bands.

Help run and performed in UTA Matsuri for several years as one of the events done at the learning center.

Passed Praxis for Secondary Education and Music/Band Education.