Theory tests

 UKA Theatre Faculty Examination Notes:-

Theory ("Knowledge") forms part of the examination. 
The Examiner will ask each candidate 4 questions.
Below are listed examples of possible questions:
  • Please show me a demi plié.
  • What does demi plié mean?
  • Please describe a demi plié.
  • Please show me a pick-up change.
  • How many sounds does a pick-up change make?
  • Please describe a pick-up change.
  • Please show me an off-balance line.
  • Please describe an off balance line.

These theory questions can be taken from the glossary of the grade being taken and all preceding grades.                                

Please remember that all subjects from grade 1 upwards included knowledge of the stage chart:-

UKA Ballet Theory Test - Prelim 1 to 3

UKA Ballet Theory Test Grade 1

Ballet Theory Test Grades 2 & 3