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Katie at the Bat Team
We are fortunate to have a group of young tennis enthusiasts from West Philadelphia partake in a clinic each Saturday. If you are interested in contributing to a great program, please contact Lisa Hoffstein at: lisashoff@aol.com They are doing wonderful things to help these children understand the importance of character, exercise and education!
                       Katie at the Bat Team!
                                    Federer Wins!!!!!!!
Camp Players of the Week 2012
June 11  Alex Gullace, Kayla Neary, Holden Smith
June 18   Ben Balcer, Will Lopez, Justin Rosenberg
June 25   Alex Kouzine, Jack Weber, Olivier Gabison, Jonah Boscov-Brown
July 2    Aidan Yeilding, Parth Sachar, Drew Clark
July 9    Adam Deitch, Peter Merhige, Rohan Rajagopalan
July 16  Sabrina Scardapane, Sameer Gangoli, Anne Lovett
July 23   Kanon Ciarrocchi, Sabastian Fras, Sabastian Garrubbo, Elliot Bernstein
July 30  Graham Armstrong, Jeremy Alwine, Thomas Chang
Aug 6   Luke Weinstein, Danielle Rufus, Rohan Rajagopalan
Aug 13  Max Ostrem, Zach Schlichting, Roshan Ravishankar, Faasel Khan
Aug 20   John Bishop, Henry Burke
Aug 27   Posey Whidden, Nikhil Gangoli
DVTA Summer Camp
              Doubles: Focus for most High School Players
Jason Praying they do it right!
YMCA - Overnight having fun participating in "scavenger hunt" at the King of Prussia Mall!