DVR-MS to MPEG Converter

A Fast, Easy, and best of all--FREE DVR-MS to MPEG-2 Converter. 

April 24, 2007 

I created this small VB app as an easy to use GUI to control ffmpeg and its conversion of a dvr-ms file to an mpeg2 file, as I could not find a simple to use one that did straight extraction - none of this time consuming conversion stuff.

The difference in ffmpeg's conversion is it DOESNT TRANSCODE - so it simply removes the dvr-ms wrapper and provides you with the MPEG within. (This means it is done in literally seconds -- depending on the size of the file.)

Note: I did not create this version of ffmpeg, I simply made the GUI for easy control. The version of ffmpeg used here is commonly found on the internet. Once again, i did not make ffmpeg. I am only including this version as it is a specially modified version of ffmpeg to allow dvr-ms. Otherwise I would advise you to get it from ffmpeg's official site

To Use:

Simply extract the zip to its own location (or wherever) and make sure there are 3 files. The DVRMStoMPEG.exe, ffmpeg.exe and a .dll file. Then, simply open DVRMStoMPEG and click browse to find your input (DVR-MS) file and do the same for your output (MPG) file. Click convert, and you should see ffmpeg start (DOS prompt window). Once this window finishes (you can see what its doing on screen if the file is large enough) it will close and return you to the DVRMStoMPEG program. If you navigate to the save folder you chose, you should find your file, and it should work perfectly (provided that you were able to play the dvr-ms in the first place).

Hope you enjoy it :) 

Download DVRMStoMPEG - 2.18mb