Dr. Danil Prokhorov

# I am currently a head of research department with Toyota Research Institute North America, Toyota Technical Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan

# I was an technical expert with Scientific Research Laboratory of Ford Motor Co. from November 1997 till August 2005, working on neural networks and other machine learning methods for automotive system modeling, control and optimization 

# I am an active member of the the International Neural Network Society (INNS) (current Vice-President for Conferences, INNS President for 2013-14) 

I am Senior Member of both IEEE and INNS; I am also a recipient of awards including the the Best Paper Award of the IJCNN 2007 and 1999 INNS Young Investigator Award

# I have been helping the community with reviewing papers submitted to many journals and conferences; also serving as Associate Editor of several journals as well as a panelist for the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) proposals from academia and industry since 1995

# I got my Masters in Russia (1992) and PhD in USA (1997)

# I have many technical papers to my credit, as well as quite a few patents; see below and Google Scholar for more details

Selected publications:

- Xue Mei, Naoki Nagasaka, Bunyo Okumura, Danil V. Prokhorov: Detection and motion planning for roadside parked vehicles at long distance. Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2015: 412-418.

- Zhibin Hong, Zhe Chen, Chaohui Wang, Xue Mei, Danil V. Prokhorov, Dacheng Tao: MUlti-Store Tracker (MUSTer): A cognitive psychology inspired approach to object tracking. CVPR 2015: 749-758

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- Danil V. Prokhorov: A convolutional learning system for object classification in 3-D lidar data. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 21(5): 858-863 (2010)

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