Alexander Dvorsky

Department of Mathematics, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL 33124

(305)284-2191      dvorsky "@"

Bio: “И географии примесь к времени  есть судьба”.


I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, got my B.Sc. in mathematics from the Kiev National University in 1988, and then spent several years doing all kinds of things, mostly unrelated to math. 

In 1992 I continued my mathematical education at Berkeley, finishing  my
 Ph.D. in 1996, under supervison of Joseph A. Wolf. Here is the photo of the 
Wolfpack, circa 1995.

I spent four years (1996-2000) at Rutgers Math Department as Hill Assistant Professor. Currently I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Miami.


 My research is mainly in Representation Theory. I am also interested in Deformation Quantization and its applications to analysis. Here is the list of my papers .

Much of my work is indexed by Google Scholar - this is a good way to see which papers are read and which ones are not.

One of my old talks at MSRI is recorded - the video is here.


This semester (Fall 2010)  I am teaching Math 632 (Complex Analysis) and Math 162 (Calculus II).

My teaching style is illustrated by the picture below (in case you have never seen me - I am on the right) .

"What you do, apprentice, is devote your time to studying magic, and what I do is teach you!"



I am a practitioner of Quantitative Finance, and worked for several years (on and off) on Wall Street and around it. 

I recommend E. Derman's page for some good (and funny) insights into different points of Mathematical (and non-mathematical) Finance.


Some family pics over there.

Photo question - what country is that ? Hint - your first two guesses are wrong. 

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