Social Skill of the Week:
Never cut in line.  

Weekly Events

  • Monday, May 26
    Kronos Time Sheet Due- Bi-Weekly
    Memorial Day
    Reding Renaissance Celebration
    No Grade Level Meeting                                                      .
    Tuesday, May 27
    5th Grade Program
    3rd Grade Assembly 8:30
    4th Grade Assembly 1:30
    Wednesday, May 28
    Staff Meeting
    Run Thru of Talent Show 8:30
    Pre-K field day
    3rd Grade Field Day
    Thursday, May 29
    Talent Show 1:30
    5th Grade Memorial Celebration 8:30
    5th Grade Health Ed. Class 
    Friday, May 30
    End of Year Celebration (Field Day) 8:00 - 11:45
    Lasd Day of School
    FMNV Day
    End of Six Weeks
    Faculty Meeting 1:30
    Early Release 12:00 p.m. 

Weekly Information

  • *Take time this week and share with students the importance of Memorial Day
    *Teacher Workday, Monday, June 2nd
    *Continue to collect library books this two weeks

    *Reminder: go online and complete TELL Texas Teacher survey (Deadline May 31)
    *We are nearing the end of school when discipline begins to increase.

    *Make certain students are monitored at all times.
    *Review all classroom Expectations
    *Do not forget to hold class sessions on counseling skills on Monday after lunch. They should not last more than 20 minutes.

US Holidays