I am a post-doctoral research fellow at the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity in the University of Oxford. Before that, i have been enrolled in the Cajal Blue Brain Project for 3 years and a bit more. There, and attached to Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, i did my PhD thesis (2009-2012), which was about regularization for regression and classification with applications to some neuroscience problems. I also spent a few months as a guest researcher in Tom Heskes' lab in the Radboud University, Nijmegen, collaborating also with Marcel van Gerven's group at the Donders Institute. 

My main line of research at the moment is in the development and application of machine learning techniques for understanding functional connectivity in the human brain. In particular, I would like to combine data from different sources (MEG, EEG, fMRI and anatomical data) using novel modelling techniques, mostly within the Bayesian paradigm. Hopefully, this sort of things will eventually permit to get new insights into disease mechanism, as well as exploring ageing and developmental processes. Besides, I am interested in pure machine learning, statistics and convex optimization.