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Jazz in AZ Music Scholarships
: Varies
Criteria: ages 14-22, evidence of success in a formal music program(music class in high school)
Application: available in Career Center
Due: On-going

Kid's Chance of Arizona, INC Grants
: Varies
Criteria: ages 16-25, meet certain financial needs & possess certain academic standard, & child of an injured worker
Due: On-going
Salie Mae Fund Scholarship Program
Sallie Mae awards many different scholarships to increase access to postsecondary 2-4 year colleges/university, vocational, or technical schools in the U.S.  To review different scholarships and their criteria, and to

Due dates vary


Cappex Scholarships

Cappex, a free website where you can learn which college want you before you apply has several scholarships for 10th through 12th graders.  This website is similar to Fastweb.

Applicant must fill out a profile.  This is a secure website and again, much like

Go to for more information.

Due Dates Vary


Helping Hands for Single Moms

The mission is to assist single mothers in attaining the education & job/life skills that will empower them to independently provide for their families.  The program provides a $225 monthly living expense, a new laptop, and many other benefits.  Criteria:  take a minimum of 9 college credit hours per semester; maintain a 2.5 GPA, have at least one child under the age of 11 living at home, not be living with a domestic partner, reside in Maricopa County. 


Student Scholarship website:

This website has many different kinds of scholarships

Scholarship Guidance Scholarships:

Pay 4 College
Arizona based scholarships and financail aid
Varsity Zone Athletic Award
Amount:  $500 given to 2 athletes in AZ schools each month
Criteria:  senior, participated in at least one full season of a team or individual sport, must be intending to further their education past high school, community involvement and participation in a high school sport
Due:  Beginning of each month
Arizona Community Foundation Scholarships
Amount:  Varies
Criteria:  varies---online application opens January 9, 2012 & one registration triggers applications for more than 100 scholarhips that match a student's profile.  This foundation offers scholarships for seniors, current college students, & graduate level students attending US schools.
Due:  varies

Midwestern University HS Health Care Institute - Juniors and Seniors
Amount:  FREE--very competitive to get in, so apply early!
When:  July 10- 19, 2014 - 8 am to 4 pm each day
Where:  Midwestern University
Criteria:  must attend all 8 days, current junior or senior, complete essay, one letter of recommendation from science teacher, academic achievement, community service, interested in health professions
Due:  May 1, 2014

Ayn Rand Essay Contest - "Fountainheads" - 11th and 12th Grade
Amount:  $50 to $10,000
Criteria:  juniors and seniors, essay no fewer than 800 and up to 1200 words,
Due:  April 26, 2014

The American Foreign Service Assoc. Essay Contest - 9- 12 Grade
Amount:  $2500 & all expense paid trip to Washington D.C. & full tuition for a semester at Sea Voyage
Criteria:  US citizen, 9-12 grades, requires a teacher or sponsore to review application and be contact person
Due:  April 15, 2014

A.W. Bodine - Sunkist Memorial Scholarship
Amount:  Varies, but will average $2,000 per academic year up to 4 years
Criteria:  senior, family background in agriculture, personal and financial information, gpa and extracurricular activities indicative of potential for success
Due:  April 30 2014

Abbott and Fenner Business Scholarship - Ages 16-30
Amount:  $1,000
Criteria:  junior or senior and all students currently registered in any accredited post secondary institution, essay
Due:  June 14, 2014

Paradise Valley Community College Feeder High School Scholarship
Amount:  tuition for 2 semesters, renewable
Criteria:  senior, US citizen or permanent resident, 2.75 GPA or higher, completed/submitted FAFSA, enroll at PVCC as a full-time, degree seeking student, and first generation student(neither parent has a 4 yr degree)
Apply:  Applications available in Career Center
Due:  May 31, 2014

Triple-Impact Competitor Scholarship - JUNIORS
Amount:  $1,000 to $2,000
Criteria:  junior, 2.5 GPA or higher, participant in individual or team sport sponsored by school or local club
Due:  May 31, 2014

Society of American Military Engineers
Amount:  $1,500 to $5,000
Criteria:  senior, US citizen, 3.0 GPA or higher,  going into engineering or similar field,must be recommended by a school faculty or a member of the Phoenix Post
Apply:  Available in Career Center
Due:  April 25, 2014

ASU Hunnicutt Future Educators Academy 9-12 grade-includes 9th graders fall of 2014
When:  June 23-27, 2014
Where:  Polytechnic Campus of ASU
Cost:  $390.00--covers housing, meals, activities & program material (scholarships available)
Criteria:  students in 9-12 grade interested in teaching or careers in education
Due:  May 2, 2014

Arizona Automotive Institute Scholarship
Amount:  $1,000
Criteria:  senior and must begin one of the programs the same academic year
Apply:  Call 1-877-936-6890

Phoenix Federal Women's Program Interagency Council Scholarship
Amount:  one scholarship will be awarded
Criteria:  senior, 2.0 GPA, essay, potenital for future contributions toward your community, work-relataed awards and/or academic awards and honors, participation in extracurricular activities & community volunteer work
Apply:  Applications available in Career Center
Due:  April 22, 2014

Athnet Sports Recruiting Scholarship- 9-12
Amount:  $1,000
Criteria:  high school student who is a current or former athlete, must be entering a college in the fall
Due:  May 1, 2014

Virginia & David McElyea Scholarship for Educational Excellence
Amount:  $2,000
Criteria - senior, must be enrolled in an accredited 4-year college/university fall of 2014 & pursuing a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, demonstrated academic excellence
Apply:  Applications in Career Center
Due:  April 22, 2014

**Governor's Youth Commission - 2014 -15 Sophomores and Juniors
Program:  a volunteer service, service learning, increased awareness of community issues, & civic participation
Criteria:  sophomore and junior for 2014-15 school year, committed to attend 4 meetings/year in various locations in AZ,
actively participates in committee meetings, group & individual service projects, provide own transportation to meetings, serve
as a role mode and liaison to other youth
Apply:  Applications in Career Center
Due:  May 13, 2014