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Movie Title :Mystery Men

In Champion City, would be superheroes like The Shoveler, The Blue Raja and Mr. Furious can't seem to make a difference and impress either the city or its greatest superhero, Captain Amazing. However, when Captain Amazing is captured by his greatest enemy, Cassanova Frankenstein, these stumblebum heroes must join with other superhero hopefuls to save the Captain and the city.

Year : 1999

Genres : Action Fantasy Comedy

Rating [imdb] : 5.70

This summer expect the unexpected Universal Pictures presents a new league of heroes that step to a different beat. We're not your classic heroes, we're the other guys. They're not your average superheroes.

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Actors : Hank Azaria=Blue Raja Janeane Garofalo=Bowler William H. Macy=Shoveler Kel Mitchell=Invisible Boy Paul Reubens=Spleen Ben Stiller=Furious Wes Studi=Sphinx Greg Kinnear=Captain Amazing / Lance Geoffrey Rush=Casanova Frankenstein Lena Olin=Dr. Anabel Leek Eddie Izzard=Tony P Artie Lange=Big Red Pras=Tony C (as Prakazrel Michel) Claire Forlani=Monica Tom Waits=Doc Heller Louise Lasser=Violet Ricky Jay=Vic Weems Jenifer Lewis=Lucille Ernie Lee Banks=Ted Gerry Becker=Banyon

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Directors : Kinka Usher

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