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Variable FEC Decoding Delay and Playout Slowdown Method for Low Start Delay and Fast Channel Change for Video Streaming in DVB-SH Mobile Broadcast Systems Bell Labs Technical Journal 16(4), 63–84 (2012) © 2012 Alcatel-Lucent Other scientific paper Frédéric Faucheux, Marie-Line Alberi Morel, Sylvaine Kerboeuf, and Laurent Roullet View PDF March 23, 2012 
Performance Validation of the DVB-SH Standard for Satellite/Terrestrial Hybrid Mobile Broadcasting Networks  IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting Volume 57 Issue 4 Dec. 2011 Other scientific paper Bolea Alamanac, A.; Burzigotti, P.; Cohen, M.; De Gaudenzi, R.; Liva, G.; Lipp, S.; Pulvirenti, O.; Roullet, L.; Stadali, H. IEEE explorer link December 4, 2011 
DVB-SH Waveform Performances Summary ALU Other scientific paper Michel Cohen view PDF April 13, 2011 
Field Trial in Turin Phase 3: DVB-SH under Hybrid Coverage [RAI, H3G, ALU, Solaris Mobile] RAI, H3G, ALU, Solaris Mobile Trial Christian Le Floc'h & al. view PDF December 15, 2010 
Providing Local Content in a Hybrid Single Frequency Network Using Hierarchical Modulation IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING, VOL. 56, NO. 4, DECEMBER 2010 Other scientific paper Hong Jiang, Paul A. Wilford, and Stephen A. Wilkus, Member, IEEE View PDF December 4, 2010 
Field Measurements of a Hybrid DVB-SH Single Frequency Network With an Inclined Satellite Orbit  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BROADCASTING, VOL. 56, NO. 4, DECEMBER 2010 Trial Stephen A. Wilkus, Senior Member, IEEE, and colleagues View PDF December 4, 2010 
Performance evaluation of channel change for DVB-SH streaming services IEEE ICC 2010 Other scientific paper Marie-Line Alberi Morel, Sylvaine Kerboeuf, Bessem Sayadi, Yann Leprovost, and Frederic Faucheux View PDF November 8, 2010 
DVB-SH field trials Measurements Results In UHF  Alcatel-Lucent Trial Michel Cohen, Christian le Floch, Gilles Graire View PDF October 1, 2010 
DVB-SH field test campaign in Torino Satexpo - Rai Trial Pr Alberto MORELLO  View PDF February 4, 2010 
Field Tests TURIN Results of Phase 1 and 2 RAI, H3G, ALU Trial Christian Le Floc'h & al. view PDF July 17, 2009 
Mobile TV Receiver Technology with special emphasis on DVB-SH INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS General Stuart Pekowsky,Gerard Pousset and Yannick Levy view PDF July 8, 2009 
In-depth analysis of the satellite component of DVB-SH: Scenarios, system dimensioning, simulations and field trial results INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS General Ana Bolea Alamanac, Paolo Burzigotti, Riccardo De Gaudenzi, Gianluigi Liva, Huu Nghia Pham and Sandro Scalise  view PDF June 18, 2009 
DVB-SH FIELD TRIAL SFN AND DIVERSITY GAIN MEASUREMENTS  Alcatel-Lucent, Teamcast, SAGEM wireless, SFR Trial Michel Cohen, Régis Duval, Gérard Faria , Philippe Lainé, Christian Le Floc’h, Bernard Lehembre, Fernando Romao View PDF June 1, 2009 
Satellite digital broadcast services to handheld DVB-SH:The complementary ground component INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS General Gerard Faria, Thomas Kürner, Bernard Lehembre, Peter Unger view PDF May 15, 2009 
Systems for mobile broadcast INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS General Prof. U. Reimers view PDF May 13, 2009 
Overview of the DVB-SH specifications INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS General Philip Kelley view PDF May 11, 2009 
Efficient Repair Mechanism of Real-Time Broadcast Services in Hybrid DVB-SH and Cellular Systems Bell Labs Technical Journal, Volume 14 Issue 1, May 2009 Other scientific paper Bessem Sayadi, Yann Leprovost, Sylvaine Kerboeuf, and Marie Line Alberi-Morel View PDF May 1, 2009 
MPE-IFEC: An Enhanced Burst Error Protection for DVB-SH Systems Bell Labs Technical Journal - Volume 14 Issue 1, May 2009  Other scientific paper Bessem Sayadi, Yann Leprovost, Sylvaine Kerboeuf, Marie Line Alberi-Morel, and Laurent Roullet View PDF May 1, 2009 
Synthesizing realistic environments in an anechoic chamber CEA LETI Other scientific paper L. Rudant, C.Delaveaud, M. Abou EI Anouar view PDF March 31, 2009 
Antenna diversity measurements in an urban Single Frequency Network at S-band CNES, CEA-LETI Other scientific paper F. Lacoste, L. Rudant, G. Scot, C. Delaveaud, F.Carvalho view PDF March 31, 2009 
SFN over DVB-SH S-UMTS band manifestations at full Network level Alcatel-Lucent, Teamcast, DiBcom,SFR, ThalesAleniaSpace Trial Christian Le Floc’h, Regis Duval View PDF March 20, 2009 
DVB’s latest standard DVB-SH provides global solutions fit for all DTV and MTV networking cases  Alcatel-Lucent, Teamcast, UDcast General Gerard Faria, Luc Ottavj, Regis Duval View PDF March 1, 2009 
Architecture for Real-Time Stream Error Handling in Converged DVB-SH/Cellular Network Global Telecommunications Conference, 2008. IEEE GLOBECOM 2008 Other scientific paper Bessem SAYADI, Yann LEPROVOST, Marie-Line ALBERI-MOREL, Sylvaine KERBOEUF view PDF December 1, 2008 
Indoor Diversity measurements in Pau trial Alcatel-Lucent Trial Michel Cohen View PDF July 1, 2008 
S-UMTS band radio propagation performances evaluation Alcatel-Lucent, DiBcom, CNES Trial Christian Le Floc’h, Regis Duval, Gerard Pousset, Gaël Scot View PDF June 18, 2008 
Overview of Key Aspects of DVB-SH Solution Alcatel-Lucent General Boris Chabilan view PDF June 1, 2008 
S-UMTS band radio propagation performances evaluation: SFN over DVB-SH Field measurement report Alcatel-Lucent, TeamCast, DiBcom, SFR, ThalesAleniaSpace Trial Christian Le Floc’h, Regis Duval View PDF March 17, 2008 
DVB-SH— mobile digital TV in S-Band EBU TECHNICAL REVIEW General P. Kelley and C. Rigal view PDF July 17, 2007 
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