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Welcome to Parimalam an Internet magazine dedicated for Dvaita Philosophy.

Religion is a Law. Religion is a code of behaviour. Religion is one which consists of so many rules and regulations to be followed by human being to maintain highest order of discipline. All the above have their roots in Veda. Hence it becomes imperative to know about Veda. Since many propounders have interpretted Veda in a way what they think is correct, that will certainly have a blending of present and past practice with or without any compromise. This is a fact and irrefutable. Hence the True Knowledge becomes a question. We can't practice anything without True Knowledge.

What is True Knowledge or Tattvavada?

True Knowledge is a knowledge about God, Veda, Practice, Behaviour and Philosophy without any flaw. Having obtained this knowledge, if we lead our life as per the rules and regulations as laid down in Shastras, then it is sure that the door of Vaikunta opens for us to step in. To attain this Knowledge Shravana, Manana, Nidhidhyasana of God and his Mahima are important.

It needs a number of Births to be taken but we should try to get in this birth itself and above all a Guru is important. We have one Supreme Guru viz. Shrimad Ananda Theertha alias Sri Madhwa as Sri Hari is Supreme Devata. And starting from him, we have a series of saints to guide us in spiritual life. We seek the blessing of all. By their Divine grace we have started a new venture of propagatting Sri Madhwa Philosophy. We like to run a monthly magazine in INTERNET. Your valuable suggestions and articles in simple form are welcome. Querries on our philosophy will be entertained by us and we are prepared to answer any question. The magazine is named as "PARIMALAM". Now we request the reader to enter into the magazine.

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