Duyen Mary Nguyen, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow
Carnegie Mellon University
2614 Newell-Simon Hall
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
Email: tdnguyen [at] cs [dot] cmu [dot] edu

Research Areas: Computer-mediated Communication, Interpersonal & Intercultural Communication, Social transparency, Anonymity in Online Transactions
Post-doc mentors: Laura Dabbish & Sara Kiesler
PhD Advisor: Susan Fussell

Ph.D in Communication, Cornell University
M.S. in Communication, Cornell University
B.Comp. (Honors)National University of SingaporeSchool of Computing

My research explores how communication technologies may help improve collaboration, and social interaction between remote and multicultural partners. At Cornell, I investigated language use and communication processes such as the development of mutual understanding, involvement, and emotions, in intercultural, computer-supported teamwork. 

Now at CMU, I examine how different levels and types of social transparency (social information available around an online interaction) affect team collaboration, relationships, and individual behaviors. This research is part of a large project funded by NSF about a new structure for the Internet called XiA (Expressive Internet Infrastructure). My team at the HCII is interested in problems related to privacy, anonymity, and the use of social information from users of online applications and services.

More about my research on the Research page

I have served as a teaching assistant, an instructor, and a guest lecturer for several courses in Computer Science and in Communication. More in the Teaching page and subpages.
Exciting Updates!

A NEW CHAPTER: Starting Oct, I will join Facebook, Inc. as a Quantitative User Experience Researcher. This is a new chapter of my life, both in my career as a social scientist, and in my life moving from the East coast to the West. I am excited about the challenging fast-paced research I am about to conduct at Facebook, with direct impact on the lives of billions of Facebook users everyday. I am also thrilled to explore the various cultures of Silicon Valley: from the serene Napa Valley and Sonoma, to hip and quirky San Francisco, to something close to my root: the Vietnamese groceries in San Jose. But Cornell - Ithaca and CMU - Pittsburgh has left their perpetual imprints, and will be the memories I always cherish. Thank you, Sue, Laura, Sara, Steven, all the colleagues and assistants at Sue's Intercultural Communication Lab, and Laura's Coex Lab for your guidance and support these past 6 years. 

The third article from my dissertation work titled "Effects of Conversational Involvement Cues on Understanding and Emotions in Instant Messaging Conversations" is in press for the Journal of Language & Social Psychology. 

My first CHI paper with my husband Tien Nguyen, Shamsi Iqbal, & Eyal Ofek from Microsoft Research about a wearable device recommender system to support face-to-face conversations between strangers is accepted to CHI 2015. Looking forward to the presentation in Seoul, Korea in the Spring.