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City Officials, 1893-95

    Following is a list of City Officials elected in July, 1893, for a term of two years, together with the salary of each.  For their duties, privileges and powers, see the City Charter:*

Mayor--D. U. Fletcher; $300**
Councilmen--W. G. Toomer, President; R. D. Knight, F. D. Miller, T. L. Irwin, T. J. Boyd, W. F. Coachman, J. G. Murphy, W. W. Gatlin, John R. Uguet, C. W. DaCosta, A. J. Hedrick, J. H. Stephens, J. S. Price, W. T. Sylvester, J. A. Huau, John Fowler; no salary.
Board of Public Works--J. N. C. Stockton, Chairman; George A. DeCottes, Augustus H. King; $400 per annum, each.
Comptroller--J. R. Thurber; $2,000.
Treasurer and Collector--R. C. Scott; $2,000.
Recorder--W. C. West; $2,000.
Municipal Judge--Cromwel Gibbons; $800 and fees.
Marshal--J. A. Vinzant; $900.
City Engineer--L. H. Mattair; $1,500.
Health Officer--Claude Joyner; $1,200.
City Physicians--P. J. Stollenwerck and J. H. Douglas; $600 each.
Market Inspector--W. H. McCurdy; $1,020.

*  B. F. Dillon and E. G. Blair were lected with this Council, but resigned in 1894, and were succeeded by Messrs. Fowler and Uguet.  Dillon was President of the Council.
**By recent act of Council, the Mayor's salary, beginning with the next administration, is made $1,200 per annum.

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