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Wurts, John

    John Wurts was born in 1855, at Carbondale, Pa.  He is a son of the late Charles Pemberton Wurts, who for many years was General Superintendent of the Delaware & Hudson Canal Company, and of Laura, the eldest daughter of John Clarkson Jay, Esq., of New York, and great grand-daughter of Chief Justice John Jay, whose name is so conspicuous in American history.

    Mr. Wurt's early education was gained in France and Italy; his collegiate course was taken at Yale College.  WHile at College he was connected with several daily newspapers as editorial writer.  In 1876 he went to New Zealand, and for the next two years traveled in Australia and among the islands of the South Pacific.  In 1878 he went to West Virginia and engaged in sheep-raising, which, however, did not prove a conspicuous success.  In 1882 he returned to Yale and entered the law School, from which he was graduated in 1884.  In 1883 he was known at Yale as the "John A. Porter" man, as being the recipient of the only honor open to every department of the university for competition. 

    Immediately upon his graduation in 1884 he removed to Jacksonville and began the practice of law, in which he has been highly successful.  After the death of Judge Settle, four years later, President Harrison was strongly urged to appoint Mr. Wurts to the vacancy on the bend as Judge of the Norther District of Florida.  The President refused to do so, expressly for political reasons, although it is well known that Mr. Wurts was in every way qualified to fill this high position . He is perhaps betst known as the athor of Wurts' Index-Digest of the Florida Reports, a highly valuable work, which is exensively used and a revision of which is now in preparation and will be published in 1895.  Since 1885 he has been a member of the law firm of Fletcher & Wurts, than whom none in the Stte have a higher standing.  He was married in 1878 to the youngest daughter of the late Cornelius LaTourette, of Bergen Point, N. J., by whom he has six children, John, Conrad, Bertha, Albert, Laura J., Burkhart, and Eleanor.