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Turner, Major M. P.

    Michael P. Turner is a native of Ireland, but came to America with his parents when he was only four years old.  He wa sborn in Cork in 1856.  His parents immigrated in 1860, and settled in Augusta, Georgia.  Mr. Turner was educated at Pelot's Academy, in Augusta, where he received a good education, and afterwards gained a thorough business training, which fitted him for the important duties he has since been called on to fill.  In 1877 he went to Savannah, where he handled dry goods for three years, and for two years was engaged with the Southern Express Company.  Coming to Jacksonville in 1882, he took a position as Claim Clerk with the Savannah, Florida & Western Railway Company.  He remained with them three years, and in June, 1885, when the Florida Fruit Exchange was organized, he was elected its Scretary, and has held the position ever since, being re-elected from year to year.  In this position Major turner has had opportunity for exercising those business qualifications which he possesses in so marked a degree, and he deseves much of the credit for the uniform success that has atended the operations of the Exchange.  He has always been an enthusiast in military matters, and entered the Georgia Militia when quite young.  He became a member of Wilson's Battery, this City, in 1887, joining as Fourth Corporal.  After this his rise was rapid.  The following year he was promoted to Second Sergeant; in 1889, to First Lieutenant, and in 1890 he was elected Captain of the Company.  Upon the resignation of Major Call, in 1893, he was made Major of the First Battalion, FLorida State Troops.  He is an able officer, with a fine soldierly bearing, and is very popular in military, as well as business circles.  It was he who commanded the troops in the riot of July, 1892.  He was married in 1881.