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Stockton, Thomas T.

    Thomas Telfair Stockton, journalist, was born in Quincy, Florida, October 8th, 1853.  He was educated at private schools and the Quincy Academy.  When eighteen years old he commenced business life as a civil engineer.  In 1871 he connected business life as a civil engineer.  In 1871 he connected himself with the Southern Express Company, remaining with that company for twelve years in various capacities, until he had attained the highest available place, that of Route Agent on the entire State.  In 1883 he removed to Jacksonville to engage in mercantile business, in which he was eminently successful.  But, not satisfied, he, with two brothers and a few friends, started a daily morning paper, the News-Herald, made-up by combining the Morning News with the Evening Herald, already well established journals.  In May, 1878, the first issue appeared.  In 1888 the business was transferred to a stock company, the Florida Publishing Company, and the corporation secured contracts of all the daily papers published in the City, and combined them under the name of the oldest and most successful, the Times-Union.  Mr. Stockton becae the General Manager, and the newspper the leading journal of the State, and was one of the four that shaped the policy and dictated the sentiment of the whole South for many years.  Mr. Stockton, on May 16th, 1877, married Willie A. Lawton, daughter of Colonel W. J. Lawton, of Macon, Georgia.  They have one son, Winborn, and three daughters, Julia, Mildred and Helen.

    John Noble Cumming Stockton, President of the National Bank of the State of Florida, owes his success in life to his indomitable energy, courage of his convictions and honesty of purpose, both in personal and public matters.  As President of the Board of Trade, and Chairman of Public Works, he left no occasion untired that would benefit his adopted City and fellow-citizens.  He was also prominently connected with and aided in the building of St. Andrews, the Bishop Young Memorial Church, East Jacksonville.  For a number of years he was one of the Wardens of the Church, and was also a member of the Standing Committee of the Diocese.  He was born November 17th, 1857, in Quincy, Florida, and was married to Miss Fannie baker, daughter of Judge James M. Baker, of Jacksonville, Fla., September 27th, 1883.  They have two sons, William Tennent and Gilchrist, and one daughter, Frances.

    Telfair Stockton, at an early age, developed a practical knowledge of business methods, which has been largely instrumental in his eminently successful career.  He has been, and is, thoroughly identified with the growth and prosperity of Jacksonville, and through his keen to make their homes in this City.  He was born in quincy, Fla., Januaruy 31st, 1860, and was married to Miss Florence Fitch, daughter of James Roosevelt Fitch, of New York, January 15th, 1885.  They have one son, James Roosevelt, and one daughter, Florence.