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Stillman, John E.

    John Edgar Stillman was born at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, February 27th, 1866.  His father of the same name, removed to Florida in 1873, for the benefit of his health.  In conjunction with other emigrants from the same place, he founded Orange City, which is now a prosperous village in Volusia County.  He died there in 1883.   The subject of this sketch attended the public schools in Orange City, and in 1882 entered the High School at Washington, D. C.  He afterwards attended the East Florida Seminary at Gainesville, where he graduated in 1885.  For a year he was a contractor at Orange City.  In 1887 he went West and spent a year in travel.  Returning home he was, in 1888, elected Tax Collector of Volusia County.  He was then only twenty-two years of age.  In 1889 he was elected Mayor of Orange City, and in the same year was appointed United States Sugar Inspector for the State.

    In 1890 he and his brother purchased the Orange City Bank, and they conducted a flourishing business.  On his appointment as Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue for the State, in 1892, he sold out his interest in the bank to his brother.  In 1892, he received the nomination for Clerk of the Courts in Volusia County, but declined to make the race.  In the meantime he had become associated with the Little Brothers Fertilizer and Phosphate Company of Jacksonville, and in April, of 1894, he removed to this place, and was elected Secretary and Treasurer of the Company.  In 1895 he was appointed by Governor Mitchell a member of the Board of Education of the East Florida Seminary, an honor both to himself and his Alma Mater.  In 1887 Mr. Stillman was married to Miss Martha C. Deyarman, of Orange City. They have three children.  For one so young, Mr. Stillman has held many positions of trust, in all of which he has acquitted himelf with honor.  For one who has started out so well, it is easy to predict a brilliant future.