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Stevens, A. D.

    Arthur D. Stevens was born in November, 1862, at Calais, Maine.  When he was two years of age, his father, Thomas H. Stevens, who was a shipbuilder, removed, with his family to Jacksonville, where, in company with Captain Brock, he built the marine railway now owned by Drew & Hazeltine.  When Arthur was elevent years of age, he went back to Calais to attend school.  After graduating at the High School there, he entered the Polytechnic Institute, at Worcester, Mass.  He graduated from it, in 1884, with the deree of B. S. in mechanical and electrical engineering.  He then returned to Jacksonville, and became superintendent of the Citizens' Gs Company, and, in addition, two years later, of the American Illuminating Company.  He superintended the consruction of the present electric station of these companies, until it was safely on the way to completion.

    In the fall of 1887 the Merrill-Stevens Engineering Company was orgganized, and Mr. Stevens was chosen President.  As the chief officer of this big manufacturing establishment, he has distinguished himself as a business man of splendid attainments.  He is a thorough scientific engineer, and complete master of his calling.  He has never had the time nor inclination to seek political preferment, but was prevailed upon to represent his Ward in the City Council in 1892.  In business affairs hr is more conspicuous.  He is Vice-President of the River Front Terminal Company, which has for its object the opening of a new street along the river bank, back of the business blocks on By.  He is a director in the Citizens' Gas and Electric Company, and the Jacksonville Electric Light Company; also Secretary and Engineer of the Florida Dredging Company.  Mr .Stevens has never married, but lives with his mother in Jacksonville.