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Scott and Acosta

    John R. Scott was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, July 30th, 1863.  He received his early training as a mechanic and draughtsman under his father, Joseph Scott, in a large wholesale pump manufacturing business.  He also received private instruction in architectural branches from Professor Roby, of St. Louis, from 1880 to June, 1882.  From June, 1882, to August, 1883, he was employed by the large contracting firm of Kirgan Bros., of St. Louis, as draughtsman.  In the fall of 1883 he removed to Florida, and was variously occupied in the section between Tampa and the Manatee River, until September, 1885, when he took charge of the extensive building operations of the Sarasota Land and Improvement Company, at Sarasota, Florida.  Having completed his contracts with this Company he, in 1885, removed to Key West. This was just after the big fire, and he arrived in time to give his skill in the rebuilding of the city.  He was closely identified therewith most of the larger building operations, among which were the County Court House, City Hall, and many large factories and the finer residences.  He remained in Key West for three years.  In 1891 he went to Chicago and opened his office in the Oxford building, where he remained during the building of the World's Fair buildings, in which he had his afir share until 1893.  During this time there were erected, after plans prepared by Mr. Scott, amongst other large buildings, the United State Starch Works, and the Women's Christian Temperance Union Temple, at Waukegan, Illinois, and in Chicago the large and elegant apartment building known as the Tolman, corner Fifty-ninth Street and Michigan Boulevard.

    Since locating in Jacksonville, in February, 1894, Mr. Scott has built many very fine residences and business blocks, some of which are shown in the cuts in this book, among them being the elegant residence of Mr. A. H. King, and the flats of Mr. W. F. Coachman, in Riverside.  In August, 1894, a patnership was formed between Mr. Scott and M. W. I. Acosa, than whom ther there are no superior architects in the State.  They have been largely instrumental in the movement to secure the large cigar factories soon to locate in Jacksonville, and in every way have shown themselves to be public spirited and energetic citizens, who have gained a strong foothold in the City which they are doing so much to build up.  Mr. Scott is Superintendent and Assistant Architect of the new City Hall building in Jacksonville.  While in Key West he met and was married, in June, 1886, to Miss Mary I. Weatherford, daughter of Captain Wm. Weatherford, of the Havana and Key West Steamship Company.  They have no children.

    William Isadore Acosta was born at Gainesville, Florida, in December, 1861.  He is a son of Mr. J. J. Acosta, of Fernandina, where the family resided.  He was educated in Fernandina, and took special courses in architecture.  After extensie trasvels, in which he gained a valuable fund of experience, he came to jacksonville and settled in 1894.  During the same year he formed the partnership with Mr. Scott, and has since resided here.  He is unmarried.