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Phillips, Judge Henry B.

    Henry Bethune Phillips is a native of Duval County, Florida.  He was born November 29th, 1857, on his father's plantation at Point Phillips, now Point LaVista.  His father, Albert G. Phillips, a prominent planter, came here from Georgia early in the present century.  His great-grandfather on the maternal side, William Hendrix, of North Carolina, was one of the original Spanish grantees of large tracts of land in Duval, and other counties.  His grand-father, Isaac Hendricks, to whom these grants reverted, was in the Spanish service, and was the first settler in what is now South Jacksonville, which was a part of his grant.  This was about the beginning of the century, and long before Jacksonville was settled, the place being then known as Cow's Ford.  Here Mr. Hendricks operated the first ferry over the St. Johns River.  In his early youth young Phillips attended the High School in Jacksonville, and was afterwards a private pupil of Rev. F. Pasco.  He attended Emergy College in 1877-78, and entered the law department of Vanderbilt University in 1880.  Here he distinguished himself by taking the full two years' course in one year, breaking all previous records in this institution, with the single exception of John M. Barrs, of this City, who did the same thing the year before.  He graduated from Vanderbilt in 1881, with the degree of Bachelor of Law.  He returned to Jacksonville, was admitted to he bar, and formed a partnership with J. M. Barrs for practie.  Aterwards he practiced in company with J. W. Whitney, but his health failing, he retired to his plantation to recuperate.  For two or three years, then, he engaged in a variety of occupations, and in travel, till early in 1889, when, his health being restored, he returned to Jacksonville, and once more resumed the practice of law.  In 1891 he was appointed, by Governor Fleming, to fill the unexpired term of Judge Loton M. Jones, deceased, as Judge of the Criminal Court of Duval County.  He was reappointed, by Governor Mitchell, in 1893 for the full term of four years.  He presides over this Court with dignity and impartiality.  He is a master of law, and his opinions have great weight in legal circles.  Although he is on the bench, he has not given up his practice by any means, and in all other courts, except his own, he continues to appear as formerly, and has a steadily increasing pratice.  He as married December 11th, 1883, to Miss Stella M. Tuttle, of Cherry Valley, Ohio.  They have four children, Charlotte H., Matthew P., Henry B., and Harold T.