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Mattair, Captain L. H.

    Lewis Henry Mattair is a native of Lake City, Florida, where he was born January 29th, 1868.  He was a son of Lewis H., a prominent merchant of Lake City, who conducted a business extending over the entire State.  The family are of French Huguenot descent, but have lived in Florida for many years.  After attending the Jacksonville schools, Mr. Mattair was sent, at the age of fourteen, to Dr. Porter's School, in Charleston, S. C., which was then known as the Holy Church Collegiate Institute.  He remained in this institution till he was seventeen, when he entered the University of the South, at Sewannee, Tenn.  He was graduated from there in 1889, at the age of twenty-one, with the degree of C. E.  Returning to Jacksonville, he entered actively upon his profession of civil engineeringin the Government service in Florida waters.  He also aided in the construction of railways, canals, and other engineering work, and wa one of the engineers employed on the St. Johns River improvement, after Duval County had voted $300,000 for that purpose.  He received the appointment of City Engineer for Jacksonville in 1894, and still fills that position with great credit, and to the entire satisfaction of hte public.  Sewannee is a military school, hence his military training began at a very early age, and it was thorough.  After his return to Jacksonville, he joined the Jacksonville Light Infantry as a private.  While he was away attending an encampment of this Company, he was elected Captain of the Metropolitan Light Infantry, of Jacksonville, which is Company C, First Battalion, F. S. T.  He had a complete reorganization of the Metropolitan Light Infantry, and by his excellent discipline and admirable soldiership he has brought the company up to a high standard of proficiency that is second to none in the State.  It musters forty men, rank and file.  Captain Mattair was married December 6th, 1893, to Miss Mary Eagan, daughter of Honorable Dennis Eagan, of Jacksonville.  They have one child, Lewis H. Mattair, Jr.