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Knight, Raymond D.

    Raymond Demere Knight was born at White Springs, Hamilton County, Florida, November 11th, 1857.  He is a son of the late Doctor Albion W. and Caroline (Demere) Knight.  His father was, for twelve years, Health Officer of Jacksonville, and one of the most widely known physicians in the South.  On completing his education, in 1879, Mr. Knight, in company with F. W. Mumby and J. N. C. Stockton, established a house furnishing and crockery store, under the firm name of F. W. Mumby & Co.  In 1881 the style of the firm was changed to Mumby, Stockton & Knight.  This firm continued, with steay increase of business, till 1889, when Mr. Mumby withdrew, and Raymond D. Knight & Co. succeeded.  At the beginning of 1893 the Raymond D. Knight Company was incorporated, with Mr. Knight as President and Manager.  Meanwhile this house, in common with many others in Jacksonville, was destroyed, with its contents, by fire in 1891.  Their losses were very heavy, but they immediately rebuilt, the handsome three-story brick building they now occupy being the result.  Their business, wholesale and retail, has come to be the most extensive, in its lines, of any in Florida, the wholesale trade reaching over the entire State, and covering Southern Georgia as well.  Every kind of goods comprised in crockery and house furnishings are handled by them, with superior facilities for delivering them at conservative prices.

    In 1889 Mr. Knight was appointed Alderman from his ward by Governor Fleming, under the old Charter, but after two years service resigned.  Upon the adoption of the new Charter of 1893 he was elected to the Council by a large majority, and became at once a leader in the Council Chamber.  He was made chairman of the Committee on Officers and a member of the Committes on Finance and Sanitation, and a member of the City Board of Health.  In the Council he has been a fearless and active worker, always on the alert for the City's interests, and never missing a meeting.  In addition to his other business Mr. Knight is Vice-President and Director of the National Bank of the State of Florida; President and Director of the Citizens' Investment Company; Second Vice-President and Director Jacksonville Loan and Improvement Company; Director Florida Investment and Savings Bank; Director in the High Springs Phosphate Company; Treasurer of the Trustees of the University of the South, located at Sewannee, Tennessee, and Treasurer of St. John's Parish and of the Diocese of Florida.  He was also for some years a member of the standing committee of the Diocese of Florida, and a Vestryman in St. John's Church, Jacksonville.  As a business man Mr. Knight is able and successful; as a public official, faithful and efficient, and as a christian, earnest and consistent.

    Mr. Knight was married in November, 1882, to Miss Kate Varina Telfair.  They have three children, all boys -- Raymond D., Jr., Telfair, and Albion W. Knight.