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Hartridge, Augustus G.

    To be a member of the Jacksonville City Council, at the age of twenty-two, and State Attorney at the age of twenty-four, is surely no mean distinction; but this is the record of Mr. A. G. Hartridge, and it has probably never had its counterpart in the history of Florida.

    Mr. Hartridge was born in Jacksonville, May 27th, 1869.  He is the youngest son of the late Dr. Theodore Hartridge, and brother of Hon. John E. Hartridge.  He graduated from the High School in this City in June, 1886, and afterwards attended the South Carolina Military Academy.  In 1887 he entered the law office of his brother, Hon. John E. Hartridge, where he commenced the study of law.  He was, in December of the same year, appointed to a United States Deputy Marshalship, which office he filled for several months, after which he returned to the study of law.  He was admitted to the bar in Jacksonville in June, 1890.  He then took a course of law in the University of Virginia, returning to Jacksonville in the autumn to begin the practice of his profession  In June, 1891, Mr. Hartridge was appointed assistant to Hon. R. M. Call, County Solicitor for Duval County, which position he filled creditably.  The same year he became a member of the Jacksonville Aldermanic Board, where he distinguished himself as a ready speaker and a keen debater.  Early in 1893 he was appointed State Attorney for the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida, which position he still holds.  On his return from the military academy at Charleston, he joined the local militia and was made Lieutenant in the Jacksonville Light Infantry, and afterwards promoted to Adjutant of the First Florida Battalion.  He resigned on his appointment as State Attorney.  For one who has held so many positions of trust and distinction in a career so brief, it is easy to predict a brilliant future.  A gentleman of sterling honor that is thrust upon his serves but to stimulate him to a fuller discharge of his duties, and nerve him for newer and greater achievements.