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Fletcher, Hon. D. U.

    Duncan U. Fletcher, mayor of Jacksonville, was born in Pike County, Georgia, January 6th, 1859.  He graduated from Vanderbilt University, at Nashville, Tenn., in the class of 1880, and coming to Jacksonville in the following year, entered at once upon the practice of law, in which he has been very successful.  At present he is the senior partner of the firm of Fletcher & Wurts, which stands very high in Florida.  As long ago as 1885 he was a member of the City Council, and has been in the City government almsot uninterruptedly since then.  For two consecutive terms he was President of the Council.  He is an exceptionally good campaign orator, and a fine all round speaker, which qualifications make him grently in demand on all public occaions. 

    He was elected to the Legislture in 1892, and while there rendered most valuable services to his City and State.  He was chiefly instrumental in having enacted the new City charter of 1893, which restored the elective franchise to the people, and embraced all the best features of the Australian Ballot Law.  It also authoried the issue of $1,000,000 in City bonds for public improvements, which have since been going on.  He also had enacted Chapter 4300, Laws of Florida, which provided a more just and equal mode of levying taxes.  This enabled the City to reach large property interests of corportions, which hitherto had largely escaped their just taxation.  These and other valuable services have fixed his popularity on an enduring basis.  Aside from his extensive law practice and political interests, he has given some time to industrial enterprises, and is President of the Florida Fibre Company, interested in the development of the gret fibre interests of Florida.  As Mayor of Jacksonville, to which office he was elected in July, 1893, Mr. Fletcher has been all that could be wished of a chief executive.  Under his administration the City has prospered and grown as never before in its history.  He is conservative, progresive, and just, deeply solicitous of the City's honor and fair fame, and unfaltering in devotion to the duties and dignities of his high office.  He was married, in 1883, to Mrs. Anna Louise Paine, of Jacksonville, and has two children:  Ellen Aeby and Louise Chapin.