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Driscoll, Captain W. J.

    William J. Driscoll was born at the village of Cold Spring, New York, just opposite West Point, August 18th, 1867.  His parents were residents of Charleston, South Carolina, but at the time of his birth his mother was on a visit to Cold Spring.  His father, John J. Driscoll, was a graduate of West Point, and was First Lieutenant, First Regiment of Artillery, United States Army.

    Young Driscoll received his education in Charleston, and at an early age entered the counting house of Hon. W. A. Courteney, where he remained for six years, and received an excellent business training.  Mr. Courteney was Superintendent of the Clyde Steamship Line, in Charleston, and upon his resignation from that position, Mr. Driscoll went out also.  He was appointed, under the Cleveland administration, to a position in the railway mail service, and continued in the department all through the Harrison administration, and became a route agent in the service.  Under Cleveland's second administration, he was appointed, in 1891, Superintendent of Mails at Jacksonville, which position he still holds, and is a most efficient and obliging official.

    Mr. Driscoll was always fond of the "pomp and circumstance" of a military career, and when he was quite a lad, he joined the Palmetto Guards, Company E, of Charleston.  From a private, he passed through all the grades, and was elected Second Lieutenant, in 1892.  He resigned from the Guards when he left Charleston, and had a brief respite from militia duty.  In 1894, however, upon joining the Jacksonville Light Infantry, Company A, First Battalion, Florid State Troops, he was elected Captain of the Company, and still holds the commission as such.  Since his election to the Captaincy, the Company has increased its muster roll very considerably, and has gained much in proficiency.  Captain Driscoll is an excellent officer, being a thorough tactician, and a strict disciplinarian.  Under his command the Jacksonville Light Infantry has come to be one of the crack companies of the State.  It is about forty strong.  Captain Driscoll was married, April 22d, 1891, to Miss Fannie Flynn, of Charleston.  They have one son, Courteney Driscoll, who is an honorary and star member of the Jacksonville Light Infantry.