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Des Rochers, J. M.

    John Mowray Des Rochers was born in New York City, December 29th, 1859.  His father was a prominent dry goods merchant in New York.  The Des Rochers are of French Huguenot descent, and were prominent personages in France, the grand-father of this subject having been a General in the service of the Emperor Napoleon.  On his mother's side he is descended from those celebrated English families, the Mowbrays and the Howards, amongst the former being "Stout Earl Mowbray," of Shakespearian celebrity.  John M. was educated in New York.  His father died when he was ten years old, and he went to live with his uncle, Oliver Mowbray, a retired merchant.  At the age of twenty he came to Florida, settling in Jacksonville.  He shortly afterwards engaged in the saw-mill and lumber business.  In 1883 the firm of Elliott & Des Rochers was formed to conduct the same business.  This continued until Mr. Elliott's death in 1888.  As a lumber and ship broker Mr. Des Rochers is now one of the first in the State.  The mills of Georgia and Florida supply him, and he ships to all domestic ports, to the West Indies, and South America.  Besides his Jacksonville office, he has branch offices in Fernandina, Florida, and Brunswick, Georgia.  He is a member of the Jacksonville Board of Trade, a Director of the Florida Fibre Company; of the D. P. Upson Machinery Company; of the South-Western and the Atlanta Building and Loan Associations; a member of the Elks, and on the House Committee in the Local Club.  He was married in 1882 to Miss Maria E. Hewlett, daughter of Captain H. C. Hewlett, a gallant officer in the Confederate Navy.  They have three children:  Grace Mowbray, Oliver Hewlett, and Edward.  They have a lovely home in Riverside, where they dwell in peace, surrounded by the comforts of a well earned competence.  Personally Mr. Des Rochers is generous and affable, full of public spirit and enterprise, and greatly esteemed in the community.