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Coachman, Walter F.

    Very few men of Mr. Coachman's youth have held so many positions of prominence in a community as he does in Jacksonville.  He is a man of business, with a capacity for performing more labor in a greater number of field than the majority of men.  As local agent for the Florida Central and Peninsular Railroad, his duties are such as would deter almost any other man from undertaking others, but in addition to this important work, he is a member of the City Council, a member of the Duval County Commissioners, and a governor of the Board of Trade.  Few men, therefore, are so closely identified with so many interests, political, social and commercial, of Jacksonville and Duval County, as he, and in all these bodies he is recognized as a leader.  When he speaks men listen, and his opinions always carry great weight, for they are based on common sense and good judgment.  Mr. Coachman is a South Carolinian, and has not been in Jacksonville a great many years, but his rise has been rapid, his undertakings successful, and he stands to-day as one of the foremost citizens of the comunity.