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Campbell, A. B.

    Alexander B. Campbell was born at Perth, Ontario, Canada, in 1843.  His father, Peter Campbell, immigrated from Argyleshire, Scotland, in 1816, and was a member of the famous clan Campbell, of which the Dukes of Argyle are the titular head.  His mother was Anne Gray, of Banff, Scotland.  WHen his education was completed he removed, in 1867, to Jacksonville, where he has een conspicuously identified with the growth and development of the City ever since.  Shortly after his arrival here he opened a music store, which rapidly grew, until it has become on of the largest houses in that line south of Baltimore.  It has been incorporated as the A. B. Campbell Company, and has a business that extends over the entire State.  He early interested himself in suburban development, and has opened up several attractive additions to the City proper, chief of which is Campbell's addition on the north-eastern limits, with West Campbellton and Campbell's Hill on the west.  He also established Evegreen Cemetery, which he has beautiful to such an extent as to render it the most picturesque "God's Acre" in the State.

    Although a Republican in politics, and, therefore, not in accord, politically, with the powers that be in Florida, his acknowledged integrity and well known ability, both of which are characteristics of the sturdy Scotch, have won for him the full confidence of all classes.  So, when the Australian Ballot System was introduced into Jacksonville, he was chosen by the Legislature for one of the Election Commissioners, and was made Chairman of the Board.  He is a member of the Board of Trustees of the St. John's Improvement, which had in charge the expenditure of $300,000, voted by Duval County for improving the st. John's River.  In July, 1893, he was elected one of the board of Trustees of the $1,000,000 issue of "Water Works and Improvement Bonds," voted by the City of Jacksonville for internal improvements.  In January, 1893, he was elected President of the Jacksonville Board of Trade, a most efficient and useful body, composed of the leading business men of the City, and re-elected in January, 1894.  He is also President of the Board of Trustees of St. Luke's Hospital, a charitable institution of this City.  He is largely interested in stock companies of various kinds, industrial enterprises, etc., and is always in the front rank of those men who stand ready, both with their time and money, to advance the interests of the City and State.  He was married in 1880 to Mary E. Folsom, of Jacksonville, and has two children:  Alexander B., Jr., and Grace.