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Buckman, Henry H.

    Henry Holland Buckman was born June 20th, A. D., 1858, at Jacksonville, Duval COunty, Florida.  His father, Captain Thomas E. Buckman, was of English descent, the family coming from Buckinghamshire, England.  Captain Buckman came to Florida in 1850, from Bucks County, Pennsyvania, where his family had ettled, and etnered in to the milling business.  At the outbreak of the Civil War he took side with the Confederay, and served during the whole struggle.  He obtained the rank of Major upon the staff of General Finegan; wa ordnance officer of Eastern Florida, and afterthe war was appointed, by Governor Bloxham, Brigadier-General of the tate Militia.  He built, and was for a long time Superintendent of what was, the Florida Central & Peninsular system; and for nearly twenty years was Clerk of the Circuit Court of Duval COunty.  No man was more highly esteemed in the State.  In 1855 he married Selina M. Cleland, daughter of Hon. John C. Cleland, an Englishment by birth.  She was a direct descendant of Doctor John Turnbull, who founded the new Smyrna colony in Florida; and also of Chief Justic Taney, of the Supreme Court of the United States, her mother being his ward; she is a cousin of Francis Key, who wrote the "Star Spangled Banner."

    The subject of this sketch obtained his education at St. John's Academy, Duval County, and under private tutors, and later at Cumberland University, Tennessee, from which he graduaterd with the degree of B. L.  He was admitted to the Bar, at Jacksonville, on June 20th, 1879. his twenty-first birthday, and commenced the practice of law (in this City), to which he has ever since devoted himself.  In 1885 he entered into a law partnership with Hon. A. Doggett, which continued until the latter's death, in 1890.

    In 1890 he received the nomination from his zcounty as member of the Legisalature, but declined, preferring his practice to a political career.  His law practice, to which he devoted all his time, is lucrative, and he stands at the head of his profession.  He served one term as Police Commissioner of the City of Jcksonville.  He has just been appointed Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, a position which he did not seek, his appointment being a surprise.  He is a member of nearly all of the public institutions of the City.  In 1882 he was married to Sallie C. Allison, youngest daughter of Doctor and Mrs. R. P. Allison, of Lebanon, of Lebanon, Tennessee.  His wife is the grand niece of President Andrew Jackson, and sister of the late Chancellor Allison, of Nashville, Tennessee.  Her aunt, Mrs. Donnelson, was mistress of the White House during Jckson's adinistration.  They hve three children:  Aline, Harry, Jr., and Thomas Ellwood.  Their home is one of the pleasantest in the City.