Did you ever wonder what happened in the Delta Quadrant after Voyager returned home to Earth?  It is now 2414, and the Federation has taken the information the Captain Janeway and her crew collected and used it to start exploring the quadrant, a task made much easier since a stable wormhole reaching into the Delta Quadrant has been found. 

 The Federation is not alone in exploring the spacelanes of the quadrant.  There is competition from the Romulan Star Empire, the Klingon Empire and the newly formed Delta Freedom Alliance, a group organized by native populations and modeled on the founding principles of the Federation for those who think that the Starfleet has lost its way.

Located not far from the Gerosh Wormhole, Starfleet's Sentinel Station stands guard high above one entry to Outpost Hope One, a Dyson Sphere created by mysterious ancient peoples.  In some ways, it is a gateway to the Federation’s presence in the Delta Quadrant.  Starfleet's Sentinel Station stands guard high above one entry to the Hope One Dyson Sphere.  Located on the surface of the sphere is Marine Corps Base, Camp GorVosh, home of the 21st Federation Marine Expeditionary Force. Outpost Hope One is also Homeport to  Starfleet's 7th Delta Fleet.  These are only some of the elements of Outpost Hope One. 

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  Recent Happenings

The crew and civilians of Hope One have started settling on the new Sentinel, only to find that the station might not be ready for them.  Thankfully, Captain Trento Kelo and his team from the Corps of Engineers have arrived to start whipping the station back into appropriate standards.  This comes with less than full excitement from Commander LA Ares, who remembers the hard-hitting engineer from being his student at the Academy.  Ares is not the only person on board that Kelo has bumped heads with since settling on board.

Lt Son-Tzu has run into his own personal conflicts when he tried to deal with the fact that Tobin Al’Rasgal and some of his associates in one of the halls selling coffee without a license.  Things quickly grew out of control when Al’Rasgal showed some resistance and was supported by Anun La’Stair, a man who was an officer on the Sentinel in a different timeline.  Son-Tzu made some threats in order to bring things under control, but they were of a level that was not usually allowed by Starfleet.  This led to a long discussion with Commander Ares.  Lt. La’Stair has now been appointed as Chief of Intelligence.

La’Stair s is not the only new member to the crew.  The station has recently received new officers to fill in as Executive Officer in the form of Lt. Commander Mar’zo, as Tactiacl Officer with Ensign Monom, as Marine Commanding Officer with Major Solada Wendy Luang, and Wing Commander for the pilots with 1st Lieutenant Ayin Araela.

All of them have arrived for the big social event of the season in the form of a grand opening festival for the Promenade.  The festivities are being presented by the Romulans with Enriov t’Teral using the event to bring everyone together while also showcasing the new theater she has opened on the Promenade.    All of the crew and most of the civilians have been mingling at the event, which has also been attended by the mysterious Kharians, the Sphere race that seems to have the least amount of interest in mingling with outsiders.  Well, at least that was the case until t’Teral started opening talks with them on behalf of the Star Empire.

In the shadows of the party lurks the Shade, a dark individual that no one seems to be noticing, but who is definitely taking an interest in all of the people living and working on the Sentinel.