Billy the Kid Trail Rides

About Billy the Kid Trail Rides

Ride with us for 7 days crossing the beautiful New Mexico countryside retracing the historic ride of Billy the Kid. After each day on the trail ranch camps will provide a chance for camaraderie, great food, a laugh or two, swap yarns around a camp fire and an opportunity to learn about the history of Billy the Kid.

Many of the people who live on the land that Billy once rode over have “Billy Stories” that are fun and entertaining to hear.

You will long remember the hospitality of our ranch hosts and the delicious food cooked by our very own Wally Roberts.  The Cowboy Taxi Service will be available to transport your gear from camp to camp and/or rescue a tired traveler…man or beast.

The ride is a “Wild at Heart” sort of adventure. An unforgettable eight days of enchanted New Mexico crossing over 150 miles of seven ranch camps, starry skies and camp fires and memories to last a life time.

·      There are elements of endurance on this ride

·      Plans, places, miles and times are subject to change


Back in 2002, a dream of two New Mexicans became a reality. Tim Hagaman and Rex Buchman combined forces to retrace Billy the Kid’s travels after his infamous escape April 28th, 1881, from the Lincoln County jail.

Together, they traveled on horseback carrying only what they could pack on their horse and ventured their way to historic Fort Sumner, New Mexico experiencing the aid and hospitality Billy must have received from close friends and acquaintances along the way.
In 2003, many were on hand to help with the facilitation of the excursion so as to allow those on the trip to truly experience what life was like while Billy was on the lam. Many were on hand to prepare meals, haul bedrolls, feed and care for the animals, provide sleeping accommodations and entertainment, and serve as tour guides.