(because of some problems with my original homepage, my internet provider decided to delete it. Due to lack of time I made this new compact version).

I started building in June 1996. I have chosen the KR for its high performance at an affordable price and it´s simple building technics. The fact that over 1000 homebuilt KR´s are flying worldwide tells that it`s a good design. Since the plans are not very detailed it is a real chalenge to complete a project like this. I´m building my KR according the plans with only minor modifications. Some of the modifications are: a 2" wider fuselage, a forward opening canopy and composite seats.

I initially started building my KR as a taildragger but as I got more flying experience I decided it would be better to convert to the tri-gear version. So I replaced the RR-springbar for the diehl tricycle gear.

There are currently 2 KR´s under construction in the Netherlands. With my KR there are now 3 flying KR's in the Netherlands.

At last ! After 10 years of building my plane made its first flight on August 30th 2006.
Duration was aprox. 35 minutes.

August 31th, 2006 : My second solo flight im my KR. Look at the pilot : thumb up and a smile from ear to ear!

This is Aart Weerts KR2S on his second flight (Dutch KR nr. 2).
Since 2012 Cees Jansen is owner of PH-OMI.

This is Herman Myling with his KR2S (Dutch KR nr. 1)

***** PH-KRS ******

With Prince Carbon P-Tip prop and wheel pants installed.

Forward opening canopy

Instrument panel: Dynon EFIS, Grand Rapids EIS, Ray Allen Trim, PAI Compas, Becker Comm, Garrecht XPD, Flightcom Intercom

My Greatplains engine installation with dual Bing carburators

Rudder pedals + Matco brake cylinders (passengers side)

Bagage compartment behind seats

Please feel free to contact me at: driessen2"at"telfort.nl ( replace "at" by @ )