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Where do i find that wonderful Dutch Food ?

Top 5 cheapest online shops with Dutch food.


Updated 10 januari 2010

Name  Url See shopping-list
1 Hollandse Winkel www.hollandse-winkel.nl   € 51,67
2 Holland Shoppen www.hollandshoppen.nl € 52,13
3 Holland Dichtbij www.hollanddichtbij.nl € 52,29
4 Dutchfoodexpress www.dutchfoodexpress.nl € 52,77
5 Dutch Food Shop www.dutchfoodshop.nl € 53,05

This is an information site for Dutch people abroad.

Where can you buy Dutch food?

For stipulating the price the following factors are important.

Price of the product, VAT or no VAT out of the EEC, transport costs.

The comparison is based on the purchase of the next shoppinglist with a priority transport to France.

- 3 x Box of the Ruijter sprinkles milk 400 gr.

- 3 x Box of fruit sprinkles from the Ruijter 400 gr.

- 3 x Unox smoked sausage 275 gr.

- 2 x Calve peanut butter 600 g. or 3 x Calve peanut butter 350 gr.

- 2 x Coffee Douwe Egberts aroma red ground 500 gr.

Not everyone sells these articles.

Others sell another mark, provide another quantities or large packings. However, this gives a nice indication.

Of course reliability is very important also. How long does the site already exists . What is the Google ranking. From that last popularity can be read.

That overview do you find here.

For a complete overview of all shops which provide from the Netherlands and the prices of these 5 products:

All shops with the price of 5 products and transport costs.


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