Welcome Correia Middle School Life Science Students

You will use this website as a template for your Endangered Species Research Project.  This website serves as a guide to show you where to insert your research and include other required items.  Your website must have the same layout as this template.  You are welcome to change the theme but be sure that your color and font choices do not distract viewers from the content. Don't forget to delete all directions when finished.

Southern Sea Otter
Enhydra lutris
Include a title at the top that says the name of your species, common name and scientific name.
Include a picture of your species, write a caption that describes the picture. Put your caption in italics!

Write a short paragraph that tells your visitors what this website is all about.  Tell them about your school science project and why you chose this particular species to learn more about.

My name is Joe and I'm a 7th grade student in San Diego, California.  In my life science class, I had to do an endangered species project.  I decided to do my research on the Southern Sea Otter.  I chose this species because I was very interested in how such a cute animal could survive such harsh living conditions in the ocean.  This website will detail the Southern Sea Otter as a species and discuss why it became endangered and what we are doing to save it.

Information and Media Sources:

Sea Otter Image from Alaska Department of Fish and Game

List the titles of websites where you found information AND where any media is linked from.  This goes at the bottom of every page. Extra credit is awarded if your sources are hyperlinked.