Restoration Party Location

Time: 9:00 - 12:00
Location: Riverside Drive in Johnsburg (nearest major crossroads: Johnsburg Road and Riverside Drive).
Objective: Clear invasive buckthorn shrubs from along the creek.
  • Water, snack bars, safety glass, and ear plugs will be available.
  • In cold weather, dress in layers: a base layer (example: synthetic-material), a mid-layer for warmth (example: a wool sweater or fleece pullover), and a tear-resistant 3rd layer for wind protection (example: a synthetic-based work coat or vest). Avoid cotton and instead choose wools and synthetics that will allow perspiration to escape -- cotton retains moisture and may cause you to get chilled.
  • In hot weather, wear long pants and a light long sleeve shirt or t-shirt.
  • Wear leather work gloves and boots.
  • Be ready for a great workout while making a difference in the community!