I'm an assistant professor of philosophy at Colorado State University. My email address is firstname.lastname@colostate.edu.

My research is primarily in logic, metaphysics, and the philosophy of language. I'm interested in intensional paradoxes—paradoxes of mental and linguistic content—and the constraints they place on our ability to theorize about attitudes like hope and fear. I'm also interested in the challenges we face when we ascribe a lot of structure to the objects of propositional attitudes—when we make propositions very fine-grained. Beyond propositions and problems surrounding them, I'm interested in practical reasoning, and in particular in nonmonotonic logics of planning with conflicting beliefs and desires.

In addition to philosophy, I like making pastries and desserts and playing mostly old-fashioned jazz (guitar and vocals). I don't play many games these days, but I like them, too.

Here's a semi-recent picture of me and here's a screenshot of someone making fun of me on twitter.