I am a doctoral student of philosophy at the University of Rochester, in Rochester, NY. I previously studied at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where, under the supervision of Nicholas Griffin, I was awarded a Master's Degree in philosophy for my work on Bertrand Russell's later epistemic and metaphysical work on perception. My main research interests beyond Russell are:
  • epistemology—most specifically, epistemic agency, belief-formation, and disagreement.
  • the philosophy of time—most specifically, relativizing the "now" of becoming, employing neither the A nor B theories, while also questioning the consistency of this view in light of statistical mechanics. I also seek to square these issues with the phenomenology of time.
  • the philosophy of action—most specifically, defending autonomous-agency and the "simple view" of action.
My research at the University of Rochester is focused on the first of the above categories, with an emphasis on epistemic agency, reflective equilibrium in epistemology, and one's ability to react to disagreement.