Down Down Songs

Hash House Harriers (Addams Family)

 Their drinking is compulsive

Their running is convulsive

They’re morally repulsive

The Hash House Harriers


Their flatulence is rude

Their genitals protrude

They’re running in the nude

The Hash House Harriers


They’re always shiggy tracking

And constantly bushwhacking

Intelligence they’re lacking

The Hash House Harriers


Hash Style (Stray Cat Strut)


Well the Hash House Harriers

Are really kind of queer

They wear funny T-shirts

And they drink a lot of beer

They run around Dushanbe

For mile upon mile

But they’ve got hash class

And they’ve got hash style 


Brother Hasher (Lassie)


Here’s to brother hasher

Brother hasher brother hasher

Here’s to brother hasher

May he chug a lug.

He’s happy, he’s jolly

He’s F*cked up by golly

Here’s to brother hasher

May he chug a lug. 


Why Were They Born


Why were they born so beautiful

Why were they born at all?

They’re no flaming use to anyone

They’re no flaming use at all



What a Wank (William Tell/Lone Ranger)


What a wank what a wank

What a wank wank wank ETC.



Hashing in the Rain


Hashing in the rain

Just hashing in the rain

What a glorious feeling

We’re loaded again

We laugh at clouds

No lightening we fear

No mud slows us down

When we’re running for beer

(I just made this one up.)



He’s the Meanest


He’s the meanest

He sucks the horse’s penis

He’s the meanest

He’s a horse’s arse


Ever since he found it

All he does is pound it

He’s the meanest

He’s a horse’s arse


Meet the Hashers (Flintstones)

Hashers, Meet the Hashers

They’re the biggest drunks in history

From the hash of Dushanbe

They’re the leaders in debauchery

Half minds, shiggy trailing through the years

Watch them as they down a

lot of beers


Publicly Pissed On (My Bonny)


They ought to be publicly pissed on

They ought to be publicly shot

They ought to tied to an outhouse

And left there to fester and rot


Shitty Trail (Mousketeers)


Shitty trail, shitty trail,

The mother lovers laid a shitty trail

I would rather drink a beer

Than run your shitty trail

(Spelled out) S H  I  T  T  Y  T  R  A  I  L



She's A Hariette

She's a harriette and she's alright
She drinks all day and she f*cks all night
She wears high heels and a mini skirt

No panties and no bra

She gives an awesome blowjob

Just like her dear papa

Mrs. Murphy

Won't you hold it in your hand Mrs. Murphy
It only weighs a quarter of a pound

It has hair on its neck like a turkey

And it spits when you rub it up and down down down...


No! No! No!

No! No! No!

Bad! Bad! Bad!

Down! Down! Down!

Your Down Down Song

This is your Down Down Song

It isn't very long

Drink it Down! Down! Down! Down!....

Dick in a Box

Step One: Cut a Hole in a Box

Step Two: Put Your Dick in a Box

Drink it Down! Down! Down! Down!....